GRN: A WAHM's Guide


GRN is the Global Resorts Network, the new marketing arm of gold crown resorts, established over twenty years ago. The resorts in the network are four to five star level facilities in over 5,000 destinations worldwide. Designed as a home-based travel business, the GRN business opportunity obtained the exclusive rights to market a high end travel club membership for these luxury resorts. The new marketing scheme has replaced the high costs of traditional advertising for the luxury vacations offered by the company. Through the plan memberships, travel discounts are offered. For example, a trip that regularly costs $1,000 or more, could be offered for as little as $298 a week.


Buy a gold or platinum travel membership (as outlined below) to take full advantages of all of the benefits. As a member, you will save up to 90% on hotels, airline tickets, cruises and car rentals. You can promote the opportunity to earn $500 commission as a gold member or $1,000 as a platinum member on each membership that is sold. You and anyone you refer that buys a membership may stay in 3, 4 and 5 star resorts, with customer service. You can also travel within just hours upon making reservations. This new business model has replaced the prior price tag of $10,000 for full service, lifetime travel memberships.


GRN markets memberships through its organization of independent representatives who are also members. Approximately $2,000 of every membership fee sold is paid out in the form of a commission for the representative. Gold Memberships are offered at $1,495 with 3 year access and resort access for $398-$799 per week. The Platinum Memberships cost $2,995 for unlimited access with resort access for $298-$699 per week. The vacations are unlimited each year. There are three guest weeks available for friends of members. Memberships are fully transferable and include each family member.


Learn about how to use the Reverse Funnel System model, which is a fully automated marketing system that streamlines building the network downline. Basically, the system merely requires that you drive traffic to your unique web landing page. The system will guide visitors toward participation. Knowing about SEO and online marketing techniques, as well as traditional advertising, are skills that will be very useful for operating this business.

Is It for You?

Having a love of travel is a great prerequisite for this business. Those who love to travel usually have friends and family who also enjoy traveling and could be interested in this kind of business. Like any home-based business, this opportunity will require a dedication of time. Because of the reverse funnel marketing system, it may be a little less challenging than hosting parties and demonstrating products, which is the hallmark of many MLM business schemes.


The Reverse Funnel System was created by entrepreneur Ty Coughlin. Based upon the very effective "funded proposals" approach, it has become a high converting sales process for marketing the GRN business opportunity. The high payout makes the amount of work minimal, in contrast to many other MLM business models. As a result, the representatives in the GRN business are some of the top earners in the MLM and network marketing industry.

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