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Greeting Cake Company: A WAHM's Guide


Greeting Cake Company offers an unusual way to send a cake for any holiday or special occasion. You can even customize your cake, gift basket or care package for whatever reason you see fit. These delicious 4" round cakes cook in the microwave in less than 2 minutes. They are perfect for back to school celebrations with your little ones, a thank you gift for any reason, a care package to your college student, a business promotion gift to your customers and much more.

Starting Out

Greeting Cake Company is a U.S. Company that offers distributors the opportunity to sell this exclusive product while earning a profit. The product basically sells itself so you can relax a bit and learn as you go. All that is required to remain active is for you to submit a $10 periodical sales order.

It is easy to get started as a Greeting Cake Company (GCC) distributor. Simply submit an online application and purchase a $40 Distributor Kit. The kit includes everything you need to get on track with your work-at-home business like a GCC tote bag, 6 cake samplers, blank business cards, a GCC pen, folder, necessary paperwork and a care package. You can choose your care package like Chocolate Yummy Box or Study Break Box.

Once you have completed your application and have purchased your kit, all that is left is to complete a W-9 form so you can begin to purchase your products at wholesale cost and sell at retail prices immediately.


As a GCC Distributor, you can purchase your products for 35% off the retail price. Your earnings are based on your overall sales after charging your customers at retail price. The more you sell, the more you earn.

The Greeting Cake Company offers you the opportunity to set-up your own website for a minor fee to give you the opportunity to increase your sales via the Internet.


If you recruit just one other independent Distributor, you will become Leadership. As a Leader, you will have the capability to gross overrides on the monthly wholesale totals as long as you tender combined sales, along with a $10 minimum order for products.

Overrides for qualifying Leadership Distributors are 1st line recruits will earn 5%, 2nd line recruits will earn 3%, and finally, 3rdline recruits will earn 1%.

If you arrange a GCC Fundraiser event, you can earn even more. For each fundraiser you sign-up, you will receive 25% of the wholesale fundraiser totality.

Is It for You?

If you love offering unique gifts for special occasions, have little or no sales experience and love people, this is for you. You can choose your own hours and incorporate creative ways to sell your products. This is a great opportunity for a work-at-home business.

Noteworthy Information

As a distributor, you can visit to complete the form to be added as a distributor at the GCC website. This will give customers the chance to find you as a local distributor in their area.

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