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Government Agencies That Focus On Small Business Investment


Small business investment opportunities are prevalent, and due to the record number of new entrepreneurs seeking advice, government agencies work diligently to provide men and women with the information and services that they need.  Budding business owners can take advantage of web based seminars, printed matter in the form of newsletters, fact sheets and brochures, as well as audio and video files. Online forums allow people to share ideas and network with other professionals who work independently.

A valuable resource, government agencies also give advice on how to write a business plan, list the most lucrative investment ideas, highlight the proper steps to apply for a loan and note ways to qualify for a government grant.  Free to anyone who chooses to use their services, these institutions provide physical and emotional support to individuals starting a home based business.

The Small Business Administration

The Small Business Administration, or SBA, is one of the most popular resources on the web for people who launch their own financial ventures. Small Business Act information is available for review on the site and a number of forms, publications, and chat opportunities help entrepreneurs make educated decisions about their new business needs.

Women's Business Centers

Women's Business Centers, or WBCs, cater to female professionals and can be found in nearly every major city throughout the United States. Providing leadership training as well as assistance with community outreach, home based business owners don't have to look far to find the help that they need to market their products or services.

U.S. Copyright Office

The U.S. Copyright Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office protects intellectual property, which allows entrepreneurs to safeguard their unique ideas and customized items.  Men and women can find out more about the process and the cost to file forms by visiting the agencies' websites. contains articles on the subject of small business investment, accounting, and financing, management, marketing and sales.  Like the SBA, it offers a variety of materials for those individuals getting their feet wet in the business world. is a one-stop-shop for everything tax related.  A big part of financial affairs, everything a small or home based business owner needs to know about keeping Uncle Sam happy is found on the site. teaches entrepreneurs the basics about budgeting, investing, 401K, IRAs and saving.  Although most headstrong individuals know the basics, some people do not know how to apply what they have learned in a business setting.

A basic web search will help men and women determine the type of government agency that best fits their needs. When it comes to selecting a lucrative small business investment, the free advice contained on these websites can make a difference in terms of profit and resilience. Start-ups that can weather tough economic times are ideal in a society where jobs are scarce and free advice is a rare commodity.

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