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Gourmet Cupboard: A WAHM Business Guide


Formerly known as Gourmet to Go, Gourmet Cupboard started out as a family company owned by a mother-daughter tandem, Judy Baker and Melissa Homes. Their gourmet mixes are recipes that the family has been giving away as family gifts, and then later sold them at local and national craft shows. Gourmet Cupboard now is an established company that has its very own kitchen, a huge warehouse and a showroom combination.

Gourmet Cupboard features various pastries such as breads, muffins, cookie bars and other desserts. They also have a variety of homemade beverages, savory dips, salads and dressings, side dishes, soups, seasonings and coatings, sweet dips and spreads. Gourmet Cupboard introduced its latest product addition- -a selection of sugar free goodies.

Starting Out

Gourmet Cupboard is a multilevel marketing company that features a whole lot of wonderful perks to interested distributors. There is no start-up cost, and all you need to become a member is maintain a quarterly purchase of only $100- -that is only $33 for each month. There is no minimum purchase order.

Simply sign up and place your first order. Your personal information will be added to the Gourmet Cupboard website for local customers to contact you directly. You will receive labels to attach to your products to be contacted for future purchases.


As a distributor, the company offers a total of 40% profit. You will also receive a 10% commission with every recruit. Distributors are also given commissions for booking fundraisers and other events. Gourmet Cupboard also features paid hostess gifts and marketing items to help their dealers market the product effectively. As a dealer, you also get to avail of their free leadership and product information training to help you sell the products and build your very own Gourmet Cupboard business. 


As a member, you will receive access to the team member information for assistance, marketing ideas, past and present newsletters, free training and information to build a successful business.

To earn even more money, you can book a company fundraiser. For each fundraiser you book, you will earn 10% of total sales. You can also recruit new distributors to earn 5% of every product purchased. After being with the company for a year, you will earn 10%.

Is it for You?

If you desire to earn an extra income, or wish to become your own boss, then Gourmet Cupboard is for you. You will sell products that sell themselves. You will love the freedom to work as many or as few hours as you desire.

Noteworthy Information

When Melissa Homes had her first born son, she decided to quit her profession as an elementary school teacher. Being a full time mother, she realized that she needed a hobby to make her life more enjoyable. Melissa and her mom, Judy, decided to make homemade recipes for their friends. They both worked on mixing some dry ingredients and packaged them in small Ziploc bags to send to friends and family for holidays and special occasions. After a great response from these gifts, they realized the income potential of this hobby.

Today, the company has indeed grown and you can now find distributor and retail customers across the continent.

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