Gold Rush America: A WAHM's Guide


Another WAHM featured opportunity is the Gold Rush America home based business opportunity that includes sales trainers and technology professionals for those interested in becoming a party host with the company. The company buys gold, silver and platinum in any condition from those interested in selling it to them.


There are no costs involved in starting the business, other than the time it will take to set up the business and organize and begin hosting your parties. All you do is either call a contact or sign up at the web site.


Gold party hosts receive a 10% commission from all of the gold that is sold at each party. The more guests that are invited, the higher the possibility of more income earnings will be. The average gold party is estimated to bring in between $3,000-$4,000, which amounts to approximately $300-$400 payment for the host. An additional 5% commission is paid for all subsequent parties booked from guests that attend the parties.


Market your business as you would any other home-based business. Use social networking to inform friends, family, co-workers and others about your new business. Organize a social event where you can encourage people to bring gold and other jewelry that they would like to sell. Make it a fun event so that people will feel comfortable, have a great time and still learn about the business opportunity. Create theme parties to coordinate your gold rush activities. This is a great way to piggyback benefits from other kinds of business. 

Set up the business properly using forms available through the U.S. Government's Small Business Administration website. Learn about tax guidelines so that you can be organized and avoid any unpleasant surprises. Learn about business expenses so that you can create a tracking system. Follow all new business guidelines and fill out all of the tax forms necessary.

Take advantage of all of the training offered by the company. Use online resources to network and visit entities like WAHM to find out about and participate in forums and other resources. Network with your local Chamber of Commerce to find out about how to market your business and to get new ideas from fellow members. Consider joining entrepreneurial groups in your area. 

Is It for You?

A person who is organized, sincere and serious about developing a home based business is the best kind of person for this opportunity. The more professional you appear, the more comfortable people will be in dealing with you. You will need to network quite a bit for this kind of business, since you are not selling direct products. Any home based business is an opportunity which can afford flexibility, while offering unlimited growth for your business. Keep in mind that sharing new ideas will make you more accessible and successful.


Old, broken, mismatched gold, silver and platinum in any condition is accepted, from jewelry and coins to nuggets. Always have everything evaluated, even if you are unsure if it is real. Gemstones are not typically bought, however, they are sometimes considered on a case by case basis.

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