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Gold Partying: A WAHM Business Guide


As a WAHM business opportunity, Gold Partying is a business where WAHMs can earn income by setting up events where friends and associates meet to look at the value of their old jewelry, trinkets, family heirlooms, or other items that may be worth their weight - in gold. Gold Partying LLC is one of a number of companies that are set up to provide support to independent gold party hosts. A work at home mom can fit events into her schedule and call Gold Partying for help in appraising and paying out on gold pieces. Gold Partying is one of several BBB accredited gold party businesses that provides commissions to gold party hosts.

Getting Started

Gold party hosts with Gold Partying need to provide a medium sized table and good lighting. Gold Partying hosts should also be able to attract a number of guests with gold items to sell. The Gold Partying company pays up front, so extensive backup funds should not be necessary, but prospective hosts should always contact the company before an event to ask about the specifics for each setup.


GoldPartying pays a gold party host a 10% commission on all gold sales at an event. Those working with Gold Partying can also get a 3% commission on parties based on a referral, where that individual connected another gold party host with the company.


The most successful Gold Partying hosts know a lot of people. They have connections to a wide social network, and can attract people to their homes for this kind of event. Good gold party hosts will also have a knowledge of precious metals and their value. It helps to be able to assess and appraise jewelry, including gold and other kinds of metals, as well as precious stones. Above all, successful work at home moms and others working with Gold Partying for a side income just have to be good hosts. Everything that helps you pull off a great dinner party will also help when gold party guests are at the table.

Is Gold Partying for You?

When it comes to hosting gold parties, it takes a certain kind of person to really enjoy this kind of event. Gold parties are not for everybody, and many people would rather take their old gold in to a shop themselves. Finding the individuals who like to trade gold for cash in a relaxed group atmosphere is something that takes a certain skill, and if you have it, this just might be the side opportunity that will help you bring in more earnings doing something you enjoy.

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