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Going Back to School as a WAHM

Being a WAHM offers many advantages like utilizing flexibility to work towards your educational goals to enhance your professional goals and career.

The kids are back in school, vacation is over, and work is in full swing again. Is now the time to think about your own “back to school”?

You may be thinking of finally completing your degree or advancing it at the graduate school level. This is a long-term commitment, but there are many educational institutions out there that cater to the working student. For example, there are many online degree programs where all the courses and teacher/student interaction is done online. Some programs even allow you to take courses “on demand” at your own pace rather than attend during a scheduled time with your other virtual peers. You can also choose traditional programs that have classes scheduled in the evening and some weekends. Both online and traditional degree options will require some amount of coordination, either with some work flexibility, taking online courses during the day, or arranging childcare help in the evening.

Perhaps you already have completed your degree and you want to add some additional skills to your background. Learning new skills is helpful not only for personal gratification and interest but also for new career opportunities or industries. This is a shorter-term commitment, and many classes can be found at the local community college level, or adult learning extensions of major universities. There are also several online options like or for skill enhancement courses, offering hundreds of options to fit almost every interest. Often these types of programs offer a certificate after completion of a set course load which you can add to your resume.

Military spouses are a unique segment of the WAHM community. They truly require the work flexibility that is needed to accommodate frequent deployments. Furthermore, a recent Military Spouse Employment Survey conducted jointly by the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) and the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) found that the educational attainment of active military spouses are as follows:

  • 22 percent have a high school diploma or less
  • 33 percent have some college credit
  • 12 percent have an associate degree
  • 25 percent have a bachelor’s degree

Online degree programs have a great potential with this demographic as it allows them to continue their educational goals from where ever they are based with their family.

Whatever your particular situation is, being a WAHM offers many advantages to work towards your educational goals, like utilizing flexibility. Furthering your education will enhance your career and professional goals, so now that the kids are well under way into their new school year, get into your back-to-school mode yourself

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