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Get Recognized by More Employers: How to Post Your Resume Online


When working at home, it is important for employers to notice you. One way to do this is to post a resume online. Knowing how and where to post a resume is just as important as how to write it in the first place. It doesn't do much good to have a great looking resume, if no employers see it. When posting a resume online, consider where to post your resume, how to get your resume noticed, and how to format your resume so employers can view it.

Where to Post Your Resume

Many job search sites allow you to post your resume online. Where to post your resume depends on many factors, such as your customer base, what industry are you in, and where are you most likely to get noticed.

Job search sites like and are national sites, which allow employers from all over the country to view resumes posted there. Other job sites are local to your area, such as If you want to handle customers from all over the country, post your resume on the national web sites to maximize your exposure. Otherwise, if you want your customers to be local, post your resume on a local job search site.

Some job search sites are for specific for certain industries. Examples of these types of sites are:

  • and for technology jobs
  • for writing jobs
  • for healthcare jobs

You want to post your resume online where it is most likely to get noticed. Here is a list of popular job search sites:

  • Dice
  • Yahoo! HotJobs
  • Craigslist

How to Write Your Resume so It Gets Noticed

In a sea of online resumes, it can be hard for yours to get noticed. Employers rely on keyword searches to find the talent they're looking for. To get your resume noticed, make sure that your resume includes keywords related to the service you are offering. However, don't go overboard! While you want to include your keywords as often as possible, your resume still needs to be readable.

Resume Format

You want employers to be able to read your resume. Many web sites have their own format for posting a resume online. However, for those that don't--or if the format used by the websites doesn't work for you--it is important that you format your resume in a way that employers can read.

The 2 most common applications businesses use for reading documents is Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat. Even if you do not use these software programs yourself, don't worry. Many third party word processors allow you to save documents in Microsoft Word format. If you can't, don't worry. There are plenty of free software programs that you can use to save a document as a pdf file--the file format used by Adobe Acrobat. Once installed, these programs use the print feature of your software to "print" the document as a pdf file. You don't even require a printer to use this!

Keep a plain text copy of your resume as well. Sometimes you need to post your resume in such a fashion that any special formatting--such as font, bullets, etc--in your resume will not display correctly. Having a plain text format allows you to have a resume without any special formatting that should be readable by anybody.

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