GemStyle: A WAHM Business Guide


Launched in 2007, GemStyle is one of the hottest new jewelry direct sales companies out there. Founded by the husband and wife team of Scott and Wendi Miller, Gemstyle seeks to give ordinary women a taste of luxury at an affordable price. Gemstyle has something to suit everyone's taste - stunning fashion jewelry, unique gemstone and sterling silver pieces. The company also uses a proven business model, making it easy for people of all skill levels to succeed.


To start your Gemstyle business, locate a consultant near you. They will help guide you through the process and offer you advice on how to make your business thrive. Next, you'll purchase a basic starter kit. The starter kit costs $199 and contains everything you'll need to build your business including $500 of jewelry. You also get a training manual, a rolling tote, catalogs, invitations, new consultant agreement forms and your own personal website. Consultants generate income through home parties. Unlike other direct sales companies, Gemstyle supplies everything you need to host a successful party.


The base commission rate is 25%. As a consultant, you will never make less than 25% commission on any of your orders. As your sales volume increases, so does your profit. The majority of your income will come from home parties. The national average for parties is around $500. If you work two parties per month and sell more than $1000, you're rate will increase to 27%. Your commission can go up to 35% depending on your monthly sales. You get to keep the base commissions from your party. Additional monies are paid by check each month. Top performers also have the opportunity to earn an all expense paid vacation in an exotic location, free and discounted jewelry and other bonuses. Once you've started your business, you will have to pay a $49 annual renewal fee to keep your membership active.


In order to thrive at Gemstyle, you have to be willing to become a leader. A great way to increase your monthly income is to enlist new consultants to join the Gemstyle team. Consultants who recruit 6 or more team members become directors. Directors can receive wonderful cash bonuses and can make commissions on their downline sales. The more recruits you enlist, the more commissions and bonuses you can earn.

Is It for You?

Gemstyle is a great sales opportunity. However, it is not appropriate for all WAHMs. Gemstyle will be a good fit for you in you are a motivated salesperson with an ability to train and inspire new recruits. You have to be willing to network and use your contacts in order to launch your business and build a solid client base. Since most of your income comes from home parties, you have to have some availability on nights and weekends when most people want to host gatherings. The average home party takes about 2 hours. Therefore, Gemstyle is great for WAHMs looking for a full-time career or a way to earn a little extra spending money.

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