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GBG Health Products: A WAHM Business Guide


GBG Health Products is a WAHM Business that depends on work-at-home professionals for their sales and marketing. GBG is a health care product manufacturer that sells a "10 in 1" multi-supplement vitamin drink. This particular product is patented by them and is a tested and safe pro-biotic drink. It is designed to fight cholesterol, obesity, arthritis and diabetes, among others.

Starting Out

GBG runs a multi-level marketing system. GBG prefers selling directly rather than retail. GBG works on 2x10 forced matrix. All you have to do is buy the product regularly and get two customers. GBG encourages its customers to follow the "Forced Matrix" system in which a customer is allowed to bring in two additional customers. The additional customers are not added directly but instead are incorporated under their customers, and so on.

GBG will pay you based on the products sold and not on the number of customers. Hence, you need to keep buying their products regularly on a monthly basis.


GBG has developed a unique and innovating plan to promote the product. One of the major advantages is you can earn by promoting the people who come under. This develops a very good team spirit since everyone works hard to help the team grow. This also creates a healthy atmosphere of buying and selling.

GBG pays only if one keeps buying the product on a regular basis. Since one needs to spend only about $30 a month, everyone who comes under is equally motivated. GBG ensures this motivation by creating web sites for you; you are given a toll free number and plenty of other support facilities to promote their products through you.


Once you get in two customers, you become a regional manager. If the customers you have directly referred also become regional managers, then you become a senior regional manager.  For each bottle your customer buys, you will be making $1 per bottle until the 10th level. From the 11th level, the profit you will earn is 25 cents per bottle. 

Is It for You?

If you enter into this business with the understanding that this work-at-home business will take a little time to get up and running before you can expect a regular income, and you are financially able to do so, then working with GBG Health Products may be perfect for you.

This is for the go-getter who has the great talent of motivating others. This will begin as a great way to supplement your income, but may begin slowly since at the beginning the pay depends on the number of products sold; therefore, you cannot expect a regular monthly pay for a bit. Instead, the pay you receive depends on others.

However, today many people are returning to a healthy lifestyle and are always looking for a new and improved product. If you feel you have the ability to recruit, sell and motivate, then look no further for the perfect home based business.  

Noteworthy Information

This drink is advertised as the world's most powerful pro-biotic drink.

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