FUN Unlimited: A WAHM's Guide

Fun Unlimited, or otherwise known as For Ultimate Nutrition Unlimited Inc, is the forerunner of health and wellness company, Essante Worldwide. Since 2004, they have been the source of products that promote weight loss, nutrition, fitness and personal care. Founder and CEO Michael Wenniger also looks forward to a future of organic and green health foods and other products that reflect their "commitment to your health and your financial wellness" for the improvement of healthy living. Each Associate is called to share their essence of total health mantra to others by selling the Essante Worldwide health products and earning from their various business schemes on the side.

Starting Out as a Fun Unlimited/Essante Worldwide Associate

When you complete the Associate Application and Agreement and purchase the $29.95 Business Web Site, you will have your own Business Center. This entitles you to buy the items at wholesale prices and keep the retail profits for yourself. As a Retail Associate, you are under no obligation to enroll other Associates or maintain minimum purchases.

Compensation as a Fun Unlimited/Essante Worldwide Associate

Aside from the retail profits you generate, you can also sell a Fast Start Package or a Fast Start Business Builders Package to other Associates that sign up, and earn $50 or $100 bonus, respectively. Their Bi-Max Compensation Plan details the earning potential from the business such as an additional 5% or 10% commission on your Pay Line. This weekly commission is based from the income of your lower earning team from either your left-side or right-side team. Your goal is to create a balanced Group Sales Volume from both teams.

Thriving as a Fun Unlimited/Essante Worldwide Associate

When you generate 100 points from sales for 3 consecutive months as a Retail Associate or when you opt to purchase the Fast Start Package and Business Website upon your enrollment, you become a Qualifying Manager. You would then be required to generate 50 points of Personal Sales Volume each month. You can then go up the ranks as Manager, Silver Executive, Gold Executive and Platinum Executive. As a Platinum Executive, you earn as much as 100% bonus of the commissions paid to your personally enrolled Associates.

Is It for You?

A FUN Unlimited or Essante Worldwide Retail Associate has unlimited access to wholesale prices of Essante wellness products, therefore to take full advantage of this, you need to be able to come up with the $29.95 Business Website fee and commit about 10 to 12 hours per week to work on your business. You also need to possess or develop marketing skills so you can earn as much income as you can from the retail profits. While you are not initially required to enroll other Associates, there is much incentive and compensation that awaits you if you have no qualms about recruiting others to join. As you build your organization, you may also have to apply some business management skills in order for you and your teams to grow.

Noteworthy Information

FUN Unlimited's Essante Worldwide has Essante Charities that give out a percentage of their products' sales to charitable organizations and foundations such as the St. Joseph's Children's Hospital, Matt Leinhart Foundation and the Scottsdale Police Department's "Shop with a Cop".

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