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Fun Lovin' Parties: A WAHM Business Guide


Fun Lovin' Parties (FLiP) is a social event company involving new romance products, designed to provide an opportunity to start and maintain a home based business. As with any other WAHM business, the parties are hosted by specialists from the company who assist with launching new products. While offering a chance to have fun with other women, products to demonstrate and sell include exercise poles and sensual, edible body treats from shimmers and lotions to finger paints. Other items include bedroom accessories, lingerie and toys.


There are two start up plans to choose from to begin with FLiP. The affiliate costs only $10 and provides a free e-commerce website along with an immediate 30% buying discount on all products offered. The consultant kits range from $49-$299 for those who are ready to commence hosting home parties. These kits include a free website and a 40% buying discount on products. There are no minimums, quotas or annual fees required.


Commission for consultants begins at the 40% rate after the purchase of a kit. It is possible to work up to 50% total commission percentages after building a team. Additional commissions from the team sales are also possible. Affiliates can earn 30% commission and there are downline commissions when others are recruited into the business. Consultants are paid on the night that the party takes place. Overrides are paid monthly by the 10th of the following month using Pay Pal online.


Set up the business as a serious entrepreneur. Visit the U.S. Government's Small Business Administration website for information about how to set up your company. Be sure to fill out all forms and tax information so that you can keep track of business expenses, receipts and income received. This will be important at tax time.

Use the home party kits, which come with a variety of lotions, along with the training manual to get familiar with the products. The more familiar you are with what is being sold, the easier it will be to demonstrate, market and sell the products. Learn about top sellers.

Is It for You?

Those people who are adventurous and fun-loving are the kinds of people that could do best with this business. Having an open mind is critical in order to sell these products effectively. The training manual and FLiP University offers an on-going training experience through the weekly training chats online. There is a Yahoo group for networking, and along with the WAHM web site, forums and other resources are provided to make the most of your business.

This is a growing ground floor opportunity that affords the freedom and flexibility that a home-based business offers. The company welcomes and encourages new ideas.


The catalogs come out twice a year. The president of the company is conveniently and easily accessible.

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