Fruta Vida: A WAHM's Guide

Fruta Vida is a brand of beverages that are said to contain a blend of nutritional benefits derived from the "Superfoods" of the Amazon rainforest: Acai, Cupuacu and Yerba Mate. As a division of Pro Image International, Fruta Vida bottles antioxidants, polyphenols and other nutrients in drinks that help in weight loss, mental focus and improvement of over-all appearance. Pro Image International CEO Tony Shaw, who established the company in 1995, believes in "an honest and viable referral marketing program, utilizing the most recent advances in nutritional science..." and puts his guarantee behind every product and not just Fruta Vida. A Pro Image Business Associate sponsors new recruits by enrolling them into the Fast Start package.

Starting Out as a Fruta Vida Business Associate

To start as a Business Associate, you would need the Rep Identification Number of the person who referred you or you can fill out an online contact form including the Rep's name, if known. You can either choose from among their many products to purchase or benefit from the $240+ value Fast Start package for only $199. You can opt to have the PCV/FV Fast Start, Weight Loss Fast Start or Fruta Vita Fast Start, and each package contains Fruta Vita beverages and samples of other Pro Image products. No other fees for joining are required.

Compensation as a Fruta Vida Business Associate

When you personally sponsor a new Business Associate into the $199 Fast Start Pack, you earn $100 as Fast Start Bonus and 3 new associates enrolled within 30 days can earn you the Builder's Advantage Bonus amounting to $100. If you can bring in 6 new Associates within the sixty-day period, your Builder's Advantage Bonus increases to $200, on top of the $100 Fast Start Bonus per Associate you enrolled. To earn the 10% commission for Level 1 and 15% commission for Level 2, you only need to achieve the 50 Personal Volume in sales.

Thriving as a Fruta Vida Business Associate

You can work to reach the higher ranking positions of Executive, Vice President Position, Executive VP, President (Bronze), President (Silver) and President (Gold). As you go higher, more levels are opened up to you to profit from in commissions. Presidents get a Leadership Bonus, while at the Vice President position, one gets qualified for a Car Bonus that starts at $100 and goes up to $750. Presidents from Platinum to Double Diamond are also rewarded with an Achievement Bonus in cash for achieving the rank and Sustainable Bonuses for maintaining the rank for 3 consecutive months.

Is It for You?

If you believe in the effectiveness of antioxidants, polyphenols, anthocyanins and other vitamins to promote alertness, energy and even weight management, then marketing Fruta Vida beverages and other Pro Image products is right up your alley. You can immediately sign up without joining fees or give your business a little push by purchasing the $199 Fast Start package. If you enjoy referring and signing up new Business Associates into the company, you can expect to receive the bigger payoffs in terms of bonuses.

Noteworthy Information

Pro Image International maintains an FDA-inspected manufacturing facility and has been awarded the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA) GMP "A" Rating. Their facilities are kosher-certified by major authorities as well, and have received a certification from Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration.


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