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Freezer Cooking: The Basics You Need to Get Started


Freezer cooking, also known as batch cooking or bulk cooking, can make the life of a work at home mom easier. You can decide which type of freezer cooking is most suited to your requirements and choose between cooking once a month or once a week.

Freezer Cooking

As a WAHM, there are certain days when it's impossible to prepare a meal for the family. To guard against such eventualities, you can freezer cook meals at home and save both time and money. You should try to cook several meals on a day when you have little or no work in order to make the next few days easier.

You can either prepare complete meals that you can freeze and use later or you can do some of the preliminary preparations and freeze them so that cooking the meal later takes very little time and effort.

Advantages of Freezer Cooking

By cooking for several days, you save a lot of time. You need to make fewer trips to the grocery store and you can buy groceries cheaper by purchasing them in larger quantities. Whether you cook a meal for one or five occasions, the preparation time is nearly the same and the chopping and dicing can be done in an organized manner.

Freezer cooking is cheaper than going out for dinner on days when you don't have the time or energy to cook. You can also save yourself the trouble of cooking food and cleaning the kitchen on a daily basis. 

Basics You Need to Freezer Cook

  • Different sizes of freezer bags and airtight containers to store cooked or partially prepared food
  • Markers to label and date the food on the storage bags or boxes
  • Groceries required for the various dishes you plan to cook
  • Time and energy

How to Cook and Freeze Multiple Meals

You should first decide on the different dishes you would like to prepare and freeze. You should plan to cook different types of meats and vegetables to ensure that your family's dietary requirements are met. Make a list of all the items you will need to prepare these dishes. Make one trip to the grocery store to buy your ingredients so that you save on time and get discounts by buying food in bulk.

Label all the containers so that once the dishes are prepared, you can store them easily. Keep all required utensils within reach. Dice, chop and slice all the vegetables as required and clean all the meats as well. You should try to complete all the chores mentioned above one day before you plan to cook. On the day you wish to cook, you can get to work and prepare as many as 30 different meals in 5 hours. Once cooled, the meals can be packaged and then frozen.


Avoid cooking and freezing foods that spoil easily. You should also learn how to thaw the frozen food safely to protect the health of your family. Containers meant for freezing food should be used and the freezer temperature should be set correctly in order to preserve the taste and edibility of the meals.

Once the meals are cooked, all you need to do is clean the kitchen and get some well-earned rest.

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