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Freelance Copywriting as a Home Business Idea


Freelance copywriting is one of the home business ideas that requires a very minimal start-up in terms of resources. You can either do it part time or full time; sometimes, copywriting services may be project-based. Freelance copywriting at home usually starts with advertising agencies and after honing your skills in the craft for a few years, you can go home-based and start serving clients online.

If you can write grammatically-correct sentences plus add a hint of creativity into them, you might want to take freelance copywriting seriously. Here are some tips on how to start a home-based business as a freelance writer.

Hone Your Writing Skills

To be a successful freelance copywriter, it is quite obvious that you have to write well. You don't have to be superfluous with your words and phrases--clarity and conciseness is often preferred by clients. You don't have to be verbose with your content; clients who employ home-based copywriting services usually require their writers to write in a clear and easy to understand manner. Do not try too hard and do not be a show off either.

Acquire Sufficient Knowledge

After honing your copywriting skills, know all the facets of freelance copywriting as a home based business. Find out how to operate and manage a home business. Can you handle all the tasks by yourself? Determine the usual roles and responsibilities of each employee in a freelance copywriting agency and ask yourself if multitasking is something you'd like to do. These roles usually range from filing records to making copies with the photocopier.

Have the Right Attitude

Aside from excellent copywriting skills, having the right attitude is also a must. You might want to acquire knowledge of the basic marketing concepts and principles, be a self-starter and make it a point to meet deadlines. Punctuality and the ability to regain focus are also equally important.

Know the Usual Copywriting Rates

Copywriting rates vary--it usually depends on your knowledge base, skills and copywriting experience. Many clients pay per hour and rates range in between $50 to $200. However, do your homework and find out how much freelance copywriters within your range are paid.

Determine your target market as well and find out how much they are willing to pay; set your rates accordingly. For starters, you can peg it below average and increase it after you have generated enough work for your portfolio. If you don't like to be paid per hour, you can choose to be paid per project.

Promote Your Business

After finding out how to start your business, it's about time you think of ways on how to promote it. The entire copywriting business is a wide industry and you might want to create a specific niche for your business. This will help you generate more clients, which means more income for you.

You can also request for testimonials from past clients and post them in a personal web page. You might also want to try to offer something for free to an online visitor such as an e-book, a monthly newsletter or free editing services for a certain word count.

If you can show your clients that you are reliable, fast and consistent with your work, you are certainly on your way to becoming a successful freelance copywriter.

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