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Forum Talk: The Top 5 Classified Sites For WAHMs

Here are the top five online classifieds for work at home moms.

Online classifieds can be a valuable resource for work at home moms—yet they are often ignored. Business owners can promote their products or services here, and contracted workers can look for potential new work. But outside of Craigslist, do you know what these sites are? Here are the top five online classifieds for work at home moms.


Arguably the most well-known, Craigslist is a highly trafficked website, making it a good option for those both seeking to promote their business or looking for work. Along with being a well-known site, Craigslist is also a good option because of the wide variety of categories. There's a community section where child care providers or event hosts might want to advertise. The service section is kept separate from the for sale listings, plus there's even a spot specifically for just discussions. Benefits also include a special listing email that helps prevent spam.


Backpage is also an online classified site divided into different sections. The categories are similar to those on Craiglist, but there's a few more specific ones, like local places and musicians. Backpage seems to offer a few more options when it comes to posting an ad, including adding a video. It's a free ad site, but there's a few upgrades like automatic reposting and sponsored postings, which can help make your ad more widely viewed.

Ebay Classifieds

The popular bidding website has a lesser known sibling: Ebay Classifieds. This site seems to have a cleaner, more organized look to the postings than Craiglist or Backpage. Social media buttons at the bottom also encourage sharing. Categories are well organized, and there's spots for both business owners to post ads and job seekers to look for opportunities. If you're looking for something in particular, you can save a little bit of time by setting up an email alert—search for a term then click the “subscribe to alerts” icon.

Ooodle Marketplace

Unlike the other classified options, Oodle's homepage posts the most recent updates in every category, so your listings here might catch the eye of someone not looking in that particular category. There aren't quite as many topics, but still enough where most ads should find a home. When posting a free ad, you can connect directly through Facebook and instantly share your post on your news feed as well.

Facebook Groups

If you're a business owner, you've probably used the social media platform as a promotional tool. But Facebook Groups can also be a good place to post classified-like ads. Log-in on your computer, and in the left-hand column you'll see a group category, and under that “Find New Groups.” Groups are separated by suggested, groups that your friends are in, and local groups. Many local groups are garage sale type groups that post ads similar to those on Craigslist. Be careful though to follow the guidelines—if they don't accept ads from businesses, posting there may get you kicked out of the group.

Tips For Using Free Classified Sites

  • Try a few of the different options and keep track of any additional business the postings bring in so you can determine if posting there is worth the time put in.

  • Whenever possible, use an image when posting—these ads tend to get the most response.

  • If you use classified sites to look for potential work in the job listings, set up an email alert (if available) so you don't waste time with frequent searches.

Online classifieds can be a great resource for work at home moms—whether you use them to look for new work or to advertise your business. Using multiple sites can help bring in more varied results than simply sticking with the most well-known option.

We want to hear from you! What works best for one type of business doesn't always work for another. What classified resource have you found to be most helpful? Share your knowledge in our forums.

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