Forever Living: A WAHM's Guide


Established in the year 1974 by Rex Maughan, Forever Living is a company designed for people to have better living and gain ultimate financial freedom. Through the years, Rex was able to build a firm of over 9.3 million distributors all over the world. Rex Maughan's experience in the field of multi-level marketing has allowed him to build this business empire. Forever Living is a company that specializes in the production and distribution of nutritional and other skin care products. The company had been around for 30 years already and is considered to be one of the world's biggest producers and growers of aloe vera. Forever Living is also known as being among the world's biggest bee keepers.

Starting as a Forever Living Distributor

WAHMs can register for free and avail of the company's business box package for only $372. You can then sell your products or also have them for personal consumption.

Compensation as a Forever Living Distributor

Forever Living health products are only made available through distributors. The compensation plan is composed of multi level recognitions and many bonuses. Distributors are able to share opportunities through their respective success cycle made up primarily of family, friends and a warm market. Success cycles are effective initially and allow product distributors to get a nice start in terms of team building.

The company's compensation plan also allows direct agents and distributors to earn percentage commissions from sold Forever Living products whether personally or through online buying. Just like any networking marketing company, distributors are also able to get commissions from their successful referrals. Forever Living also features a 'group volume bonus' plan which allows distributors to gain bonuses based sales of their referred agents.

Thriving as a Forever Living Distributor

In order for a distributor to level up and capitalize on the biggest market available, efficient marketing skills are highly needed. It would be vital for a business leader to be able to distinguish the interested and uninterested consumers. Targeted product marketing, together with techniques that optimize the power of the online community and written word, are big factors in accelerating an individual's business quickly.

Is It for You?

Forever Living is best for WAHMs who have excellent interpersonal and marketing skills. You earn more by selling more products and recruiting people. The company highly recommends that you recruit at least 1 distributor each month for you to build a wide customer base.

Noteworthy Information

Among the company's best selling products are Arctic Sea Super Omega 3, Aloe Berry Nectar, Forever Lite Ultra, Forever Lean, Aloe Vera Ge, Forever Bee Pollen, Forever Nature's 18, Aloe Bits & Peaches, Forever Aloe2Go and Forever Essentials. Their other products specialize in skin care, nutrition, weight loss and cosmetics. Forever Living also manages a chain of wellness centers named Forever Resorts.  Forever Living has a total of 4 million reported distributors all over the world with loyal customers. The product itself can be a little costly, but people are always willing to purchase patented products. The National Science Council for aloe Vera has already tested the patency of the products. Rex Maughan has also been listed as one of the members of National Aloe Science Council.

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