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Forbidden Pleasures: A WAHM's Guide


Forbidden Pleasures is a company providing a home based business opportunity through the shop at home experience. Forbidden Pleasures is an international direct sales organization that recruits independent sales representatives as consultants. As an independent party sales representative, you will have the opportunity to introduce and demonstrate many products of interest to potential customers and business associates. There is also the possibility of increased sales profits through mentoring and training new business consultants.


Review the business opportunity of Forbidden Pleasures to ensure that you understand the kinds of products you will be representing. The business model involves selling through organized parties. You will need to engage friends, family and business associates to start the business. People who are willing to host parties will offer the company's products for review in an in-home setting. You will need to be willing to display the products and speak to both family, friends and strangers about the products and the business opportunity.


The primary way to earn money through home business party sales involves scheduling and conducting in-home parties. One of the best ways to succeed at this is to take every opportunity to meet new people who may be interested in your products and the business opportunity that the company offers.

As a consultant, you will be able to take individual catalog orders from both new and returning customers. The Forbidden Pleasures website also provides the ability for those interested in inquiring about booking parties in their region. Orders may be taken by consultants who also can initiate online orders.


Networking is key in the Forbidden Pleasures business. Independent representatives usually ask friends and family to schedule the first initial parties. From there, further parties may be booked by party guests who are interested. Incentives for people to book parties include opportunities to earn discounted and free merchandise through hostess credit programs. Use printed materials to promote the business. Attend networking events for the kinds of products you will be selling. Join the local Chamber of Commerce and other entrepreneurial organizations such as the National Association of Professional Women for networking opportunities.

Using the above techniques, you will be in the best position to take the most complete advantage of the Forbidden Pleasures business opportunity.

Is It for You?

Aside from the obvious tax benefits of having your own business, consultants have the flexibility of working when they want to. The level of income you can earn is dependent upon the amount of time and effort you put into the business. The more seriously you take the business, the better the chance for success.


Independent representatives may also earn additional income by recruiting new independent representatives and getting involved in their training. Hostesses often also become new consultants, both as a way to receive tax incentives for using the products they enjoy, and for the opportunity to start and run a profitable, independent business. Sales may also be generated through catalogs, website and party activities.

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