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Home Business Ideas: Quilting Business

Opening a quilting business can be a fun at-home venture that requires very little financial investment.

Home Business Ideas: Tax Preparation Business

When considering a home business, a tax preparation business is a good one to consider. It requires little

Home Business Ideas: Greeting Card Company

Is it possible to start a greeting card company from home? It's true that there are nearly 200 major

Home Business Ideas: Jewelry Design

If you're a fun and crafty individual looking for a lucrative home-based business, jewelry design may

Home Business Ideas: Coupon Business

Finding a good and stable source of income can be quite challenging; especially for stay-at-home moms.

Home Business Ideas: Rubber Stamp Business

People start a home business for a variety of reasons. Some want to spend quality time with their family.

8 Internet-Based Business Ideas for New Mothers

Now more than ever, an internet based business is becoming increasingly popular, especially for new mothers

Home Business Ideas: Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the application of certain scents, used in essential oils, to promote healing and relaxation.

4 Ideas for a Pet Business

If you love animals, you're not alone. Pets become part of our families and are like children to many

Home Business Ideas: Credit Consultant

A slow economy is one of the best times to take on the mantle of a credit consultant and launch a flourishing

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