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Longaberger: A WAHM's Guide

Longaberger is a basket company founded by Dave Longaberger about 35 years ago. The business originally

Luminarias: A WAHM's Guide

The Luminarias Candle Company is a business that focuses on getting customers the right aromatherapy

Latasia: A WAHM's Guide

Latasia is a retail company that sells jewelry, lingerie, hair accessories and keychains. The jewelry

Lia Sophia: A WAHM's Guide

Lia Sophia is a home party jewelry company that has been in business for over 30 years; it originally

La Bella Baskets: A WAHM Business Guide

La Bella Baskets is a home-based direct sales company that specializes in gift baskets. The company was

Know Your Goals and Watch For Success

By Liz Folger, Work-at-Home Mom Expert We all dream about the way we'd like our life to be. If you're

Love U Parties: A WAHM Business Guide

Love U Parties is a toy party company that creates products that are accessible to people of varied income

KeyForCash: A WAHM's Guide

KeyForCash is an online data entry brokerage through which jobs from various companies are assigned to

KGB: A WAHM's Guide

Established in 1992, KGB (the Knowledge Generation Bureau) is the largest independent provider of directory

Kat's Coffees: A WAHM Business Guide

Kat's Coffees & More is a WAHM business that distributes delicious blends and many varieties of coffee,

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