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Finding Legit Work-At-Home Jobs in a Sea of Scams


The desire for legit work at home jobs has reached epidemic heights. Overwhelmingly, the job opportunities and business opportunities you see to work from home are bogus scams to get you to purchase a program or an e-book, not a real employment opportunity. Furthermore, many websites that review work-at-home jobs, seem to give favorable reviews to companies that are selling you subscriptions instead of providing you with employment. Sifting through it all can be an exercise in frustration.

Be Patient

With a little patience and some knowledge about what types of legit online jobs are available, you should be able to rise above the scams and confusion and find a job that suits your skills and experience. Take your time and research each opportunity thoroughly. Read the company's "about us" page and find out how long they've been in business and what there business actually does. Then, look for helpful articles or reviews about the company written by a third party. Your patience will pay off when you come away with a list of legit online jobs to pursue.

Be Smart

The first rule in finding a home-based job is not to pay for the privilege of working. If you do purchase an e-book that outlines how to work from home, be certain to read the fine print. These books may contain valuable information, but many of them will, after a sometimes very short trial period, begin charging your credit card for subscriptions to other services. Avoid any home-based job offer that claims to pay you large amounts of money for work that requires no skills or training.

Think Local

Perhaps the best place to find legit work at home jobs is through local classifieds such as and Companies searching for independent contractors often list their telecommute positions on these websites. In addition, local temp agencies are also a good source for finding legit online jobs in fields like data entry and word processing.

Typical Work At Home Jobs

The most common types of legit online jobs are freelance work of all kinds: writing, web design, mystery shopping, survey taking, medical transcription, coding and billing, and virtual assistant work. The more lucrative the job, the more training and experience it will require, much like working out of the home. There are also legit home-based job opportunities that involve generating residual income. Keep in mind that although there is a potential to make money, it is essentially a business that will require some startup money and the skills to create a website and generate content and traffic.

There are a large number of scams mixed in with legit work at home jobs on the Internet. If you keep the above ideas in mind while you search, you will find a home-based job without making the same mistakes that many other people have made searching for legit online jobs.

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