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Finding Freelance Work: How to Generate Client Leads


The challenge of client acquisition often looms front and center for a work at home mom or anyone who is trying to create a business from freelance work opportunities. There are a variety of strategies that work at home moms use to try to get a better client base and increase the the productivity and revenue of their businesses.

Web Sites

A small business web site is a beacon to many of the customers who will seek out freelance or independent contracting services. For the web site to be optimally effective, it should include clear information about what services are offered. Some rate estimates are also a good idea. A nice-looking web site will usually get a better yield as far as client leads, but usability and function is also a big issue. Those who are less skilled in the art of web design can hire small Web design businesses to help them create the website they want.

Using Forums and Social Media

Freelance job sites like iFreelance allow you to bid for projects and get your name in front of potential clients even when you don't get the gig in question. Craigslist and other public web sites are now common venues for independent contractors and their clients to find each other. Even new technologies like Facebook and Twitter can help to generate client leads when a freelancer has specific business information floating around on the Internet. Lots of freelancers have also used the work-info site LinkedIn to get contacts for a wider client base.

Direct Responses

Freelancers who want to grow their virtual rolodex can also choose to reply to direct calls for their services on job boards or other sites. Direct responses that include good project bids and neat portfolios have the best chance of reaching the right people. A targeted campaign of job ad responses can be an effective way to get a small work at home business from point A to point B.

Community Visibility

Some freelance workers like to build on an online strategy by maintaining visibility in the community. This can be in the form of doing volunteer work, funding local charities, or appearing at local public events. This kind of "human appearance" can help get good client leads based on mutual values and goals.


For most beginning work-at-home moms and other freelancers, simple communicative networking is first and foremost in an overall client acquisition strategy. A successful project can lead to more projects with the right kind of communication. The freelancers who are most focused on nurturing this kind of opportunity will learn as much as they can about existing clients, including human resources chains for project management, so that when one project ends, they may be able to get involved in other initiatives within the same general corporate culture. Good work results often help the freelancer get a foot in the door for future collaborations.

All of the above will help those who are just starting out in a specific industry to offer their goods and services to more clients and customers, for a brighter future as a small business leader.

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