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Finding Financing: Small Business Loans for Women


There are several options for small business loans for women. For every WAHM, it is important to have adequate funding for your business, and you can find that funding in government business loans and grants for women.

A Word of Caution

As you are searching online for your loans, beware of scams. There are many online sites that promise to help women with funding if you join a service and pay a fee (either one time or monthly). It is a wise practice to never give money to an unknown organization. Instead of "investing" in these scams, invest that money into your own business or into a financial advisor to help you find grants.

Meet with Your Bank's Loan Consultant

Go to your local bank, and meet with your consultant. Share with them your business goals and what your funding needs would be. They will be able to go over any financial options with you and explain them clearly so that you know in what direction you would like to go.

Apply with your bank for a loan. Even if they were unable to give you a loan at the current time, they would be able to point you in the right direction as far as getting a loan.

Having a loan at your local bank will be more convenient for you, as you do business with them already, however, for your own financial security, make sure your business bank account is separate from your personal account.

Government Business Loans and Grants

There are several types of government loans and grants available. When you apply for your business license, ask your county clerks for information on grants and loans available for your specific occupation. They will be happy to point you in the right direction for not only federal loans, but also local loans if they are available.

Also, check online for more information on government loans at There are several resources for all types of businesses, and you may find something your county clerk had missed. While you are online, check in on women's support forums who focus on business, and see what others have found.

When applying for government funding, it is very important to follow any instructions of the grant very carefully. If you are unsure you are applying properly, seek out a grant writer to help you or to go over your work and check it for errors.

The Senior Corps of Retired Executives

Look up "SCORE counselor" on your search browser. SCORE (the Senior Corps of Retired Executives) offers free counseling from retired executives who volunteer their time helping others reach their business goals. They are a wonderful resource for any WAHM.

The Small Business Administration's Office of Women's Business Ownership

Check out the Small Business Administration's Office of Women's Business Ownership (SBA OWBO). These professionals create and oversee the network of Women's business Centers all over the United States. One of their focuses is to help women meet financial goals and find financial funding for their business.

If you are rejected from one form of funding, don't give up. There is always someone willing to help.

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