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Finding Clients for Your Life Coaching Business


If you have recently started a life coaching business, in order to be able to be a work at home mom, you will need to find the clients to sustain your choice.  This will not be hard to do if you take steps in the right direction and are vigilant in marketing yourself.

Brand Yourself

What the heck does it mean to "brand yourself?"  To brand yourself is a fairly new term and basically sums up a process of marketing who you are, what you have to offer and who would benefit from what you offer.   

Come up with a brand statement, a combination of a mission statement and a personal statement, which sums up your brand, and then create the resources to get that brand out; develop a content-rich website, print business cards and brochures.  This doesn't have to cost a fortune either.  There are many sites online that offer assistance in setting up a free website.  You can also find free business card offers or make your own right at home. 

Use Local Resources

Almost every city and town has a local networking meeting that gathers monthly.  This is usually a forum where you can share information about yourself and your business, pass out literature and generate a contact list. 

Prepare for the meeting by having your business cards and brochures printed and ready to go.  Be sure to have your website up and running.  Offer a free mini-session drawing to those that are in attendance or to those who provide you with referrals.


Blogging is a rich resource to find new clients for your life coaching business.  This arena allows you to talk about what you do on a daily basis.  You can post anecdotes, information, life stories, advice, etc.  Whatever you choose to blog about, make sure you write daily and respond to potential clients immediately. 

Write Articles

Write articles related to your niche at least several times per week. This can be a great way for potential clients to find your website and to learn more about your personal brand. Be sure your writing represents who you are and gives a good indication of what you offer. This way people will forward the articles and your contact information along with it.

Utilize Networking Sites

When you have an online business and are home-based, you have to use the internet to your best advantage.  There are many websites now specifically devoted to social and professional networking.  You can make connections to potential clients using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many other sites specific to your brand of service. 

Use Your Experience

It's important to understand that building your new life coaching business will take time and that eventually many clients will come to you based on referrals from others.  Use any experience that you have from other fields to your benefit.  Contact co-workers and clients from previous positions you have held to let them know what you currently have available to them. 

Think of something that you can offer free to potential clients (so you can start a contact list), and start generating a weekly email update. Follow these tips to successfully begin a life coaching business.

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