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Finding Clients for Your Home Daycare Business


Starting a home daycare business is a great way to be able to work from home to stay with your own children.  Finding clients for your business will take some initial effort, but won't be difficult. 

Register Your Business

As with any home business venture, the first thing you should do is take care of the legal and paperwork aspects.  This includes registering for a business license with a DBA (doing business as) if this is required in your home state.  Also, be sure to register for any daycare classes that your area requires. You will get some marketing ideas at these classes, as well as practical information.

You will want to decide on your hours of operation, the ages of the children you will be caring for and the supplies you plan to include (meals, diapers, bibs, etc.).  This basic information is what you will want to include on business cards, brochures or flyers, in addition to your contact information. 

Friends and Family

Utilize those closest to you to help you get the word out.  Some of your friends and family may even be looking for childcare themselves.  Or, they can take copies of your brochure or flyer to hang at their workplaces.  Referrals are always a great way to find new clients.

City Network Meetings

Use your local town or city network meetings to market your business and find new clients.  Go armed with your business information to share.

In some cities, they have a resource and referral phone line for daycare providers and potential clients to register with.  They will give you the chance to answer questions about your business and will provide your information to clients that call in looking for daycare.  The clients can then contact you to set up a time to meet with you.


Find clients for your home daycare business at local schools.  Go to the closest preschools and elementary schools, depending upon the ages of children you want to care for.  Ask the schools for referrals, and offer to leave your literature and contact information in their office.


Use the social networking and advertising sites available online to promote your daycare business.  Craig's List, Facebook and Twitter are just a few examples of generic sites where you can advertise, list and constantly update your business information. 

There are also sites available for you to market your business on that are specific to daycare providers.  These sites will often list links to daycare ideas and projects that you can do with the children in your care. 

Word of Mouth

One of the best sources for getting new clients for your home daycare business is through the parents that you are already providing daycare for.  They are the ones that will be able to attest to the service you provide and the care you give their children. 

Providing daycare can sometimes be revolving; don't stop marketing yourself after your spots are filled. 

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