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Features of an Ergonomic Computer Workstation


An ergonomic computer workstation is essential to any office. The science of ergonomics is about creating equipment and tools to fit the worker. Ergonomic furniture is designed to create maximum comfort and productivity, and works to prevent repetitive strain injuries. Consider the following ergonomic features when you are designing your computer workstation. 

Ergonomic Desk

A good base for any computer workstation is an ergonomic desk. If your desk is not ergonomically designed, then your computer workstation will never reach its full potential to provide you with maximum comfort and productivity. The following components are essential to any ergonomic desk:

  • The desk has to be a stable work surface with no bounce or wobble.
  • It must have enough room to place your computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse in front of you. If there is not enough room on the desktop to accommodate the keyboard and mouse (in addition to the monitor), then it must have a pull out tray. 
  • Your computer monitor needs to be positioned at least an arms length from your body.
  • Your legs must be able to slide under the desktop or keyboard tray.
  • It must be able to accommodate necessary desk and work accessories, so that they are readily available for use.


Ergonomic Computer Chair

While your are seated at your computer workstation, it is important to have a computer chair that provides proper body position and lumbar support. Your computer chair should allow you to sit with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle, while your feet rest flat on the floor. If you are shorter in stature, you should use a chair with adjustable height or a foot rest. An adjustable height chair is also useful to ensure proper viewing distance of your computer monitor.

In addition to proper body position, computer chairs should also provide back support. A good quality desk chair should encourage you to sit upright with your back straight. It should also conform to your lower back to provide lumbar support and reduce back strain.

Wrist Rests for Your Keyboard and Mouse

Using a computer keyboard and mouse for several hours at a time can place great strain on your wrists if they are not properly positioned. This strain can lead to wrist soreness, pain and other symptoms of repetitive strain injury.

In order to keep your wrists straight while working, use padded wrist rests in front of your keyboard and on your mouse pad. Some keyboards and mouse pads can be purchased with wrist rests already attached, or they can be purchased separately. Padded wrist rests are an essential component to an ergonomic computer workstation.

Computer Monitor Filter

If you use this ergonomic computer accessory, your eyes will thank you. Computer monitor filters - also called monitor filters or glare filters - reduce strain to your eyes caused by frequently looking at a computer monitor. The filters reduce computer screen glare, and can make you more comfortable while looking at the monitor by reducing brightness.

Typing Stand

These ergonomical wonders are a must-have for your computer workstation. Typing stands can be be positioned in front of, or to the side of, your computer monitor to assist you while creating or transcribing documents. Instead of putting strain on your neck by constantly looking up and down at a document while typing, the document can remain at eye level.

Incorporating ergonomic furniture and accessories into your computer workstation is a great way benefit your health and your work simultaneously. When you are creating your computer workstation, incorporate an ergonomic desk and computer chair, wrist rests for your keyboard and mouse, a computer monitor filter and a typing stand for the best ergonomic computer workstation.

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