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Extreme Calm: Personal Stress Management Simplified


Many work-at-home moms need tips on personal stress management. Having kids is a full time job on its own, and when you add a work-from-home job into the mix, your going to need to have some stress management techniques in your bag of tricks.


The first step in dealing with personal stress is to train yourself to recognize when you are in the beginning stages of becoming stressed. If you are able to recognize your stress at the beginning, you will be able to deal with it easier and quicker, and apply relaxation or meditation to your daily routine.

Many signs of stress come in the form of physical ailments, such as a headache or pains in you joints. If these are ignored, you could become ill. Figure out what is causing the stress in your life, and either eliminate it or find a way to create less stress.

Pay attention to your thoughts when you are stressed. Make notes of what is causing it, and after you have become less stressed, incorporate what you learned about your stress to make your life or work less stressful.

Daily Stress-Reducing Techniques

If you are overwhelmed with dealing with kids and working at home, consider doing something relaxing every day that would not involve your work. Do yoga, meditation or simply take a relaxing bath. Even by exercising or walking, you can release your stress and feel renewed.

Cut Back on Responsibilities

Realize that you are only one person, and you cannot manage everything. If you are working too many hours, cut back on a few hours, or find a babysitter to help you for a couple of hours a day so that you are able to focus a little better.

While you are stressed, it is important to not add anything to that stress. Do not accept any more responsibilities until you have your current responsibilities under control. If you become ill because you have to many things you are worrying about, nothing will get accomplished. It is best to do what you can without becoming more stressed.

Make Lists, Divide Tasks and Prioritize

Make lists of the tasks you must do for a monthly, weekly and daily basis. Try to make sure all tasks are divided equally for the days, so that you do not feel overwhelmed on those days. If you think you cannot reach all your tasks, even by spreading them out, you may have to reevaluate your tasks to see if any of them are not as important.

Eliminate Stressful Factors

If a specific person outside of your family is asking you to accept more responsibilities or is causing you extra stress, it may be wise to avoid being around them at the current time. If specific tasks or situations are causing you stress, look at them and determine what part of the task or situation is causing the stress. If it is something you can eliminate, than eliminate it. If you must keep it as part of the task or situation, determine a way to make it less stressful. For example, if you are having computer issues, but still need to use your computer for work, see if there is a different program you can use or how much it would be to get your computer fixed.

With everything that you work on, it is important to stay focused and positive. If you are happy in what you are doing, you will not get stressed out.

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