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Expand Your Sewing Business with 4 New Items


If you are looking to draw more customers to your home sewing business, you might want to consider investing in new products.  From basic to elaborate, there are many items available to help you work faster, while appealing to a broader clientel.

1. Serger

An overlock serger is often the first step down the path of small-business sewing. A serger can do any stitching involving hemming, edging or seams in a fraction of the time of a traditional sewing machine. If your sewing business calls for large scale production of identical or near-identical pieces, the serger may be your new best friend. Traditional brands for sergers, such as Singer or Brother, offer their base-line product for around $200. It is worth the cost. You will be able to take on a greater number of assignments, as well as manage more complex projects.

2. Credit Card Terminal

One great way to expand your business is to increase the ways in which customers can pay you. Online, you can easily accept orders via Paypal. If you also take local orders, accepting payment through credit card is an invaluable addition to customer service. Purchasing a credit card machine is only part of the process to making your business ready to take credit and debit. You will need to set up a merchant status with each of the credit cards you plan to accept, and be aware of all fees and payments associated with this status. You will need to ensure that whichever transaction equipment and software you purchase is compatible with your home buisiness computer. In the end, accepting plastic will provide you with more, and happier, customers.

3. Commercial Embroidery Machince

Embroidery machines allow you access to hundreds of embroidery patterns to embellish and personalize your work. As a bonus, many embroidery machines are also sewing machines. This provides a spare sewing machine to keep your business humming if your main machine malfunctions. Even low end embroidery machines are expensive, running from $300 to $800 dollars. A purchase like this should be considered in terms of investment. If the machine will improve your production and expand your client base, it may well be worth the money. 

When selecting an embroidery machine, it is also wise to consider what sorts of software packages will be compatiable with the machine. Embroidery software can allow you to create your own designs. It will also enable you to attract clients who have a particular pattern in their mind that they want to see become a reality.

4. Quilting Machine

To really take your home sewing business to a new level, you might want to consider purchasing a quilting machine. For many quilters, the fun and thrill of quilting is in the design of the quilt. They are much less interested in the painstaking sewing that binds the pieces and levels of the quilt together. That is what a quilting machine does. Customers bring their unfinished quilts to you, and a combination of your skillful hand and your machine removes the weeks of labor otherwise involved. Be warned, these frame style, long arm quilters are serious purchases. Size wise, they can take up most of a room and weigh hundreds of pounds. They can retail, even in stripped down form, for $3000.  However, if no other sewing businesses in your area offer professional machine quilting, it could be worth the money.

Having the right machines and the access to create a variety of stylish objects, will help you draw in customers statewide.

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