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Expand Your Home Bakery Business: Bake Pet Treats


If you are a pet lover who owns a home bakery business, then you can expand it by baking pet treats. People are not only health conscious about themselves, but also about their pets.

Popular Pet Treats

Consider baking some of the popular pet treats like:

  • Bread Pudding
  • Dog Cookie (Biscuit)
  • Peanut Butter Treats
  • Pet Party Mix

Use your creative side and bake them in the shape of bones, bully sticks, liver, mouses, etc. Use wheat or barley instead of white flour. Fruits are good source of vitamins and minerals; it can help pets lose weight if needed. Avoid some ingredients like grapevine, chocolate and onions, as they are toxic to pets.

Commercial baked products for pets might contain chemicals and additives, whereas home baked pet treats not only taste great, but help you avoid the chemicals and additives. You can take advantage of this bakery business idea to bake pet treats.

Getting started

To work this into your baking business, there needs to be a passion for baking pet treats. The industry is there if you are willing to put in the time. In fact, it is a billion-dollar industry. This is one of the best home bakery business ideas for animal lovers and home bakers.

Market Research

Baking pet treats is a low risk, highly profitable, work-from-home opportunity. Research of the market place is essential to the success of your home based business.

A few questions need to be considered while expanding your home bakery business to include pet treats:

  • Are you going to sell these treats over the Internet? If so, you'll need to set up an online shop, and utilize the appropriate keywords on your site so people can find your pet treats.
  • What is the pet population of the locality that you live in? How many pet owners will you provide your service to?
  • Are you looking to bake pet treats for various pets, or do you plan to concentrate on a particular type or breed?
  • Competition plays an important part in any business. You need to find out if there are any other pet bakery businesses in your locality (or on the Web) and if there is any particular trend that they follow. To learn more, you can start an apprenticeship or a joint venture with the competitors to know more about the intricacies of the business.

The Legal Angle

To expand your home bakery business, you need to obtain a reseller's certificate. Check the legalities for preparation and sale of pet foods in your area, as the law differs from area to area.

Marketing Strategy for Success

To successfully run the business, lay down marketing and financial strategies and stick to it. You can employ someone on commission basis to get the business started. Use the Internet or local newspaper to advertise your product.

Attending small business meetings and building rapport with other business owners will provide important information about running your business.

Word of Mouth

The best way to expand your home bakery business is to attract pet owners in your local community. You can donate your baked pet treats to organization like Humane Society Pet Adoption for media publicity or free promo to take advantage of word of mouth advertising and other business resources.

With a good market research and marketing strategy you can expand your home bakery business to bake pet treats.

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