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Evaluating the Time Commitment for Etsy Businesses


Lots of work-at-home moms and other self-employed individuals who start up Etsy shops from home might not think that time management would be such a big issue. After all, a lot of the startup effort involves creating your shop and making your merchandise. However, those who are experienced with online stores like Etsy know that a lot of time goes into the business after the initial setup.

More than a few Etsy beginners have logged onto small business forums and other venues to ask the pros about how to make sure a fledgling Etsy business productive and how to manage time effectively. There's a lot of creativity and initiative that goes into any beginning small business, and managing an Etsy store is no different.

Time Factors in Maintaining Etsy Stores

One of the major time-taking elements of the Etsy business involves preparing your merchandise for transport and shipping it to clients. Your proximity to a local post office or private parcel distribution center is actually a major factor in your Etsy business. Ideally, with eventual growth, you'll be able to combine post office trips, thus saving yourself both time and money.

Another major consideration for Etsy sellers is the maintenance of quite another side of your business: the accounting side. Even if you're not one for extensive market research, customer tracking and retention, or any of the other extensive activities involved in seeking out a bigger customer base, you'll still have some basic accounting to do for tax purposes and other aspects of routine business management. Working these elements into your schedule is critical if you want to have long-term success with Etsy or any other money-making business.

Tips for Time Management

Those who are experienced with Etsy commonly offer some useful tips on how to manage your time and make your Etsy business as productive as it can be. One tip is to keep all of your supplies neatly organized. Having a well-stocked inventory is key for productive selling on Etsy, but when those items are not kept in an orderly way, you can spend a lot of time sorting through them for distribution.

Another tip is to eliminate all distractions, turning off the television during business hours and really focusing in on the productive work that it takes to maintain your Etsy shop. For accounting purposes, some seasoned Etsy store managers use their own homemade spreadsheet projects to record customer events, business gain or loss, and a lot of other useful statistics that will keep their business solidly in the black.

Think about all of the above when you're setting up your Etsy shop, and you'll have a better chance of becoming part of that successful group of small biz operators who provide tangible, crafted products to market through this innovative online marketplace.

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