Enlyten: A WAHM Business Guide


A WAHM business that targets the sports-minded and the health-conscious is a profitable source of income for those who prefer to work at their own time and place; one of the easiest and fastest ways to earn extra income is getting into the Enlyten business. Like any other sports-inclined products, Enlyten products aim to boost one's health and energy to match an active lifestyle. However, they are nothing like the capsules and energy drinks that are normally sold in the market today.

Enlyten products are different because they are uniquely made of strips that simply melt in the mouth. Over the years, Enlyten has proven to be a healthy choice not just for athletes, but for anyone who needs to maintain an active mind and body. Enlyten has developed a well-designed marketing strategy to gain a competitive edge in the market. Now, they have Shaquille O'Neal as official endorser. Along with other calculated strategies, Enlyten has achieved rapid growth all over the US. If you want to venture into a WAHM business, then being an Enlyten Business Promoter would be a promising career for you.

Starting as an Enlyten Dealer 

At Enlyten's website, you can choose between two promoter systems. You can enroll either as a Business Promoter (BP) or Product Promoter (PP). To enroll as a BP, you need to pay a one-time charge of $299. This package entitles you, among other perks, to your own Premier Online and Back Office Business Center, two exclusive Enlyten promo codes, a personalized and duplicated Enlyten website, and priority product shipping. If you want to take this WAHM business one at a time, you can opt to sign up as PP with only $29.95 as monthly fee. By being a Product Promoter, you can still have access to its Business Center, Chat Support and a Product Promoter duplicated website.


By being an Enlyten Promoter, you can earn extra income and achieve great commissions and bonuses. With this WAHM business, not only will you be able to help yourself, but you'll also be able to extend this opportunity to others.

Sign up for an Autoship to be able to earn regular commissions; you have to be an active Enlyten member. This means that you need to purchase its products on a regular basis. So that you won't forget ordering, you can enroll in Enlyten's Autoship Program which ships your pre-ordered products monthly. Your Autoship can always be changed or cancelled by arranging it in Enlyten's Business Center


Bear in mind that it takes more than just the compensation package to succeed in this business. It also takes a good sense of determination to soar high. You need to be persevering enough to learn the tricks of the trade; don't expect to master things in just a snap of a finger.

Your priority prospects will be your family and friends, but do not limit yourself to this exclusive circle. The power of the Internet will give you unlimited and free access to others who also want to pursue a career like yours. Maximize those online social networks to scout for people who mean business too. With your willpower and efficient marketing strategy, you'll be amazed at how soon this WAHM business will bring you professional and financial growth.

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