Eniva: A WAHM's Guide


Founded in 1998 by Benjamin and Andrew Baechler, Eniva is one of the world's largest growing multi-level marketing companies that features health products, household cleaning items and automotive cleaning products. Andrew is a business graduate of the University of Wisconsin, while Benjamin is a doctor who specializes in Internal Medicine. Eniva is a Minnesota based company that has helped thousands of Americans maintain a healthy lifestyle and at the same time gain financial freedom.

Eniva Corporation has already been listed as INC 500's fastest growing companies in the world. Since its launching in 1998, Eniva has grown tremendously through the years. Eniva boasts a yearly business of more than $10 million and has around 100,000 distributors and representatives all over the American continent. These figures put the company on the top MLM heap. For the coming years, Eniva is expected to perform better and hold a significant share of the $200 billion-health & wellness industry.

Starting as an Eniva Distributor

It would be important for you to know the basics of Eniva's compensation package. You can start your very own home based business by being a preferred customer, also known as an independent distributor. You need to pay $99.99 to get your very own Eniva Vibe and sales materials.

Compensation as an Eniva Distributor

As a distributor, you can begin by selling the products to your family, friends and acquaintances for initial sales. A distributor is also required to use the product in this business. The volume of Eniva products that you buy will be added up to your monthly sales. Distributors are also given commissions for every Eniva product that they sell. Percentage commission usually increases as your sales volumes up too. The company features incentives for their distributors to work for. Car allowance and other perks are offered to distributors who qualify in terms of group sales and bonus volumes. Recruiting more members to the company would mean more incentives and cash bonuses.

Thriving as an Eniva Distributor

Many multi level marketing businesses fail to provide appropriate trainings to their distributors, thus leading to its downfall. There can be several ways for you to generate leads, but not all will work for everyone.

Is It for You?

If you want to be successful in your very own Eniva business, believe in your product, sell it and make a successful network of MLM leaders like you.

Noteworthy Information

The company's pioneering product is a health supplement named as Eniva Vibe. The Eniva Vibe is among the company's best selling products. Eniva Vibe is a known as one of the world's top liquid antioxidants and mineral & multivitamin supplements. Eniva Vibe is a medically approved health supplement that is composed of many essential vitamins, amino acids, glyconutrients and antioxidants for the body to function efficiently. Eniva is a health drink that can be taken by any age group. Eniva Vibe is also made in a liquid juice form for it to be absorbed quickly and efficiently by the body. Eniva's products are made 'in-house' for efficient control over materials, margins and quality.

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