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Elite Profit Network: A WAHM Business Guide


Elite Profit Network, a marketing network company, strives to harness the earning potential of Internet shopping by offering products suitable to be made as a WAHM business. Its founders, Georgia residents Reco T. McDaniel, an entrepreneur and Professional Speaker, and Keith Fraley, a Network Marketing specialist, believe in achieving success by not just gaining financial wealth, but developing one's mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellness as well. The function of an Elite Profit Network or EPN Representative is to market any of the 3 products: The Elite Body Shapers, the Ultimate Sales Incentive Package and the Online Shopping Mall.

Starting Out as an Elite Profit Network Representative

Each EPN Representative needs to sign up for the EPN Advantage Membership and should expect to lay out less than $50. This can be done online or through another EPN Representative and gives you the opportunity to run your business with marketing websites, training, marketing tools, back office tracking software and a few other perks.

Compensation as an Elite Profit Network Representative

With your EPN Advantage Membership, you can shop at any of the popular retailers you normally patronize that are affiliated with the EPN Mall and earn 60% of the commission paid to the Elite Profit Network. At their Elite Merchant Stores, you have 2 options. You can market their contouring underwear products called Elite Body Shapers and get paid $20 to $25 weekly for each sale you personally make. You can also offer business owners a monthly licensing to the Ultimate Sales Incentive Package for their sales employees and receive $20 to $35 per month for every business owner you personally enroll. When you recruit others to be EPN Representatives, you earn $25 per month for each active person you personally refer to the membership.

Thriving as an Elite Profit Network Representative

From a Marketing Representative receiving $25 per month for each personal referral, you can work your way up to Bronze Marketing Rep, Silver Marketing Rep and Gold Marketing Rep wherein you can earn $25, $30 and $35, respectively, as well as Residual Bonuses that are paid weekly. Residual Income of Gold Marketing Representatives can go as high as $700 or more. Their founders are also presently working on enhancements to EPN that might include health insurance, increased compensation and car/mortgage programs

Is It for You?

EPN's variety of products will surely benefit everyone. If you are a frequent shopper at Walmart, Target, Macy's, Best Buy and other online stores, your EPN Advantage Membership can start working for you immediately. Marketing EPN's Elite Merchant Products requires you to make a sales pitch to individual consumers or business owners so if you enjoy selling or promoting products, it can work to your advantage. To maximize the benefits of your EPN Advantage Membership, you need to be motivated in recruiting for new members. Less than $50 per month is also required for you to activate and maintain your membership.

Noteworthy Information

Elite Profit Network is committed to their Elite Causes that include a quarterly partnership with non-profit organizations such as Atlanta Community Food Bank, Walking for A Cause, Toys for Tots and involvement in the Adopt-a-Family program.

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