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Elements of a Great Job Resume Cover Letter


A great job resume cover letter is an essential part to landing any job. A cover letter is useful to an employer because it gives them insight into who you are, provides a brief summary of your job skills and allows you to express your interest in a particular job. When you prepare a job resume cover letter using the following elements, you will be on your way to a successful career: 

Proper Format

Improper format on a job application letter can cause an employer to throw your letter in the garbage. Many employers feel that messy format and typographical errors on cover letters and resumes is a reflection of your future work. In the world of employment, first impressions are everything, so a great job resume cover letter can be the difference between landing an interview or never hearing the phone ring.

A properly formatted cover letter should include the following:

  • Professional business style or format (i.e. full block, modified block, etc.)
  • No typographical errors, including but not limited to spacing errors and misspellings
  • The correct address of your potential employer
  • The name of your potential employer or interviewer in the greeting - do not address the letter to "To Whom It May Concern"
  • Your accurate and up-to-date contact information
  • An appropriate salutation

Clear Objective

You should clearly state why you are writing the cover letter within the first paragraph. Describe where or how you came to hear about the job opening for which you are applying. If your cover letter is being used as a prospecting letter, then you should identify the specific job openings for which you are inquiring. If your job application letter is a traditional letter about a position which you know is available, then state what your job objective is. Make your potential employer know how you will benefit his/her company.

Knowledge of the and/or Employer

This element of a job resume cover letter is often one of the most excluded, but when used, is typically one of the most impressive. A memorable job applicant who stands out among a stack of cover letters and resumes is one who proves that she has a knowledge of the company and/or employer.

Do your research. Search online for information about the history and success record of the company. If you express a knowledge of your potential company and/or employer, they will know that you are interested and enthusiastic about their work. This is a simply way to make an employer stand up and take notice of you.

Brief Summary of Your Qualifications

While your resume will provide a complete list of your qualifications, it is important to highlight your most distinguished awards and achievements from previous employment. This is the portion of your cover letter that will get the employer's attention immediately. Highlighting your greatest successes will show the employer how you will be an asset to the company.

Follow-up Information

In the last paragraph of your job application letter, it is important to clarify how you will follow-up after submitting you letter and resume. The follow-up is another area where research is beneficial, in that some companies do not want employment prospects to contact them directly once an application or resume has been submitted.

Depending on the preferences of the employer, you will need to specify whether you will call or email within a certain number of days or weeks to follow-up. Also, you may state that you will call to set up an appointment to meet with the employer during a convenient time. At the very least, it is usually a good idea to follow-up via phone or email simply to confirm that your cover letter and resume were received, especially if you send them via the postal service.

Drafting a great job resume cover letter is simple, as long as you include elements like the proper format, a clear objective, a knowledge of the company and/or employer, a brief summary of your qualifications and follow-up information. For extra assistance with creating a cover letter for your resume, search online for a cover letter sample or an email cover letter.

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