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Educational Systems Examined: Public Schooling Versus Homeschooling


There are many reasons that parents become stressed over the controversial decision of whether to send their children to public schooling or to enter the homeschooling revolution. While religious intervention is the classic reason parents choose to home school their children, many other reasons may also drive this decision.

School Violence

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, in 2007, 10% of male public school students reported being threatened or injured on school property over the past 12 months. This startling statistic could easily account for the latest homeschooling trend that has consumed our nation. Parents often choose to keep their children at home to better control their daily environment.

Academic Quality

It has been argued for many years that American students are falling farther and farther behind in their academic abilities and won't be capable contenders in the upcoming job market. Proponents of homeschooling claim that the individualized instruction, found in the homeschooling environment, cannot only target academic problem areas, but has a greater chance of correcting and enhancing overall achievement levels. With crowded classrooms and hectic school schedules found in today's schools, studying at home offers the benefit of time and flexibility.

One known downfall of homeschooling that has been argued is that many states do not have specific requirements in the area of parentally provided education; anyone can home school their children. Unlike public schools, which require professionally trained certified teachers, any parent has the freedom to teach from home. This difference in teacher education and preparation is currently being studied, but the most recent findings still favor the individualized instruction found in the homeschooling environment.

Peer Pressure

Another reason many parents choose to pull their children out of the traditional public school arena is the powerful impact that peers have on each other. With our ever-changing society and constant moral and ethical debates, parents are struggling with how to instill their beliefs in their children without allowing outside forces to confuse them. Although many would argue that these sorts of pressures are necessary to prepare children for real world living, many parents have decided that it is best to eliminate possible negative peer pressure often found in public schools.

It's also important to note that over the past decade, research on the lasting impact of school bullying has shown the detrimental effects of this disturbing trend. Students often enter adulthood suffering from the psychological and social implications that come from being the victim of school bullying. For this reason alone, parents often find themselves with only one option for their suffering child: homeschooling.

Making the Decision

Making the difficult choices involved with the education of your children can be incredibly stressful. The key to making the best decision is to be informed about all your options. While homeschooling may work for some, it may be too overwhelming for others. Many elements must be looked at, such as social interactions, sound academic material, and the many hidden fees commonly associated with homeschooling (e.g. books, computers, and other supplies).

Although many problems can be found throughout the public school system, you must examine your specific school district. Many public school districts around the country have outstanding academic and extra-curricular opportunities. Do your homework and focus on the needs related to your specific situation.

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