Earn Income as a Blogger


While blogging began as a great way to stay in contact with family and friends, it soon evolved into a way to make money from home. A blogger is someone who keeps a weblog, also called a blog. There are two main ways that people begin making money blogging. The first is to take on advertisements such as sponsored links, sponsored posts, and other types of advertising. The second way to get paid for blogging is to take on a paid blogging position for someone else's blog.

Blogging Ads

Most blogs are monetized with several different types of ads. The easiest of these to find and implement is usually AdSense. This is a Google program that places tiny ads onto a blog or other website. By signing up through Google, you can start making money blogging as soon as you copy and paste the ad code onto your blog and begin receiving traffic. Every time someone clicks on these ads, you make money.

Selling ads for a blog can be done through a company like BlogAds, or it can be done on a company-to-company basis. Many companies solicit bloggers and ask about advertising on their blog. You can make it easier for companies to reach you by placing advertising rates on one side of your blog or on a separate page that is linked from the front page of your blog.

Sponsored links are another way that you can make money from your blogs. These can work as paid links that are placed to one side of your blog to make them visible to all readers. Sponsored links are also sometimes placed in sponsored posts.

Paid Posting

Many people get paid blogging with sponsored posts that are paid for by third-party companies that bring advertisers and bloggers together. These companies are paid by advertisers who want to place their sponsored links and advertising copy onto various blogs. You sign up with a sponsored post company and then choose which sponsored posts you want to take on. Once you place a post on your blog that adheres to the instructions of the client, you are paid by the third-party company for the post.

Ghost Blogging

Some blog owners get too busy to write their own blogs, or they start blogs with no intention of writing them. That's where ghost bloggers come in. You write the blog posts for the blog owner, adhering to the blogging topic and often a specific length for the posts. Ghost blogging positions are often advertised on sites, such as ProBlogger and MediaBistro.

With a ghost blogging job, you act like a ghost writer, keeping the name of the blog owner on the blog instead of your name. Most ghost bloggers are also asked not to tell others that they are the writers of the blogs, in order to preserve the illusion that the blog owner is writing all of the posts. 

It's going to take time, hard work, and devotion, but with some strategic planning, you can earn some extra income as a blogger.

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