Dudley: A WAHM's Guide


Dudley hair care and cosmetics has been in the business for over four decades and has a global presence in about 18 countries apart from the United States. With a mission of enriching people's lives, they have steadily increased their reach and appeal among hair care and beauty professionals by offering a wide range of over 400 products in world class quality. The products range from hair care and beauty products to spa and cosmetics, as well as a special line of products for men.

Dudley products are not sold in retail stores and hence distributors play an integral role in the value chain. You have the opportunity to enrich the lives of others as well as yours by becoming a Dudley distributor.

How to Get Started

Just order the Cosmetics, Spa or Hair Care Starter kit from Dudley and start making money right away. Dudley's Professional Products are sold directly to licensed cosmetologists only and are for professional use. Call directly to order your products at 1-888-573-8210.

Dudley offers a symposium where cosmetologists can learn about various aspects of beauty and hair care for professionals to become more familiar with the Dudley brand of products. Chris Rock's latest comedy "Good Hair" features product promotions by Dudley.


You will be compensated on the basis of commission on products sold. Also, you can recruit and motivate other people to work with you and make more money in the process.


Dudley takes very good care of their distributors to ensure that they achieve the goals they set out for themselves. Distributors can attend a two-day seminar at the Dudley Leadership Training Institute to get the complete information they need about selling Dudley's products.

Dudley is very open to feedback from distributors and beauty professionals and constantly strives to improve their products and services based on their inputs. It has a frequent customers club called Beauty Club to increase customer interaction; your time spent will be well worth it.

Is It for You?

This is the right opportunity for you if you have great interpersonal skills and the right attitude to sell beauty products to your neighborhood beauticians and cosmetologists. Ideally, you will share Dudley's mission of enriching people's lives and be aware of the different categories of beauty products available in the market.

You should be able to follow up with your regular customers to help them replenish supplies when needed. It only requires a few hours per day initially and once you have your base of loyal customers, you can do just a few minutes per day.

Noteworthy Information

Dudley is involved in a lot of community service and charity work. Dudley has donated land to the local community college in Greensboro and has been offering free hairstyling and beauty consultations to underprivileged women.

Dudley has been recognized by George H.W. Bush's Thousand Points of Light program for its Dudley Fellows and Dudley Ladies projects at Dudley High School, where it motivates young boys and girls to improve their grades so that they can have better prospects in life.

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