Drink ACT: A WAHM's Guide

Drink ACT is a WAHM business in Chula Vista, California that uses networking tools to distribute their energy drinks and other wellness products. Founded in 2005 by 'The Mineral Doctor,' Dr. Joel Wallach, Drink ACT believes that their battle-tested and time-proven business model provides a solid foundation for you to build your Drink ACT business upon. As a Drink ACT Dealer, you will be managing the ordering and delivery system for the products to get into retail stores. You may also build your team by recruiting others into your left and right sides as your Sales Team.

Starting Out

Signing up to be an Authorized Dealer is free and only requires you to fill out an online registration form and place your first order. With free website hosting, back office software and reports will be given to you. You will be required to order a personal bonus volume (PBV) of 40 and in order for you to continue your membership, you need to maintain that volume every 30 days. You can also opt to get their Career Pack at $267 and get one case of Vitalagy, three boxes of ACT drinks, one box of Systrim and a hundred brochures, to help you get started. In order for you to start receiving commissions, you need to recruit two qualified dealers who will go to your Left Sales Team and Right Sales Team. Both of them will also need to order 40PBV every 30 days.


You can earn in different ways with Drink ACT. With their online manufacturer direct shipping, you are entitled to avail of their wholesale prices that, at large volumes, will amount to considerable profits. If each of your Sales Teams matches the 120 Bonus Volume in a cycle, you will receive a Cash Reward amounting to $10. Thus, if your team matches up to 175 cycles in a week, your Team Building Commissions can reach as much as $1,750 for that period alone.


If you make a one-time order of 120 PBV, maintain the 40 PVB monthly scheduled deliveries (MSD) for you and for each of your Sales Teams, you will qualify as a Bronze Dealer and double your Cash Reward to $20 per cycle. If you can personally sponsor six qualified Bronze Dealers, make a one-time order of 240 PBV, and maintain the 40 MSD, you will qualify as a Silver Dealer and your Team Building Commission can go up to $5,000 per week. Continuously building on your sales team and PVB's can take you up the ranks from Gold Dealer to Platinum Dealer, Diamond Director and Executive Diamond Director.

Is It for You?

If you have business management skills, are marketing savvy, and of course, a believer of their energy and health products, then you can give Drink ACT a try. You will also need to invest on your PBV the moment you sign up so there is some cash outlay, but this will all go to the costs of the products.

Noteworthy Information

As a Drink ACT Dealer, you can participate and win the company's contests and promotions like the A.C.T.TM Commercial Contest and the A.C.T.TM Mexican Riviera Cruise Contest.

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