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Dove Chocolate at Home: A WAHM Business Guide


Dove Chocolate at Home is one of the newest, and hottest, direct sales companies. Chocolate sales account for $16 billion dollars annually. As a Dove consultant, independent sales representatives (called Chocolatiers), host in-home chocolate parties for friends, family and acquaintances. Founded by the legendary Mars Incorporated company in 2007, this represents a return to the company's roots of selling chocolate in homes.

Mars Incorporated has over 100 years of history in the chocolate and candy business. Their goal with this new venture is to use people's love of chocolate to create a new, fun, and exciting business opportunity, using a direct sales business model. With Mars' experience in chocolate sales, and a commitment to helping their Chocolatier's succeed, Dove Chocolate at Home is sure to thrive.

Starting as a Chocolatier

Interested in selling chocolate? Becoming a Chocolatier is easy. Simply fill out a basic application on the Dove website, and order a sales kit. There are two options for the kits. The Standard Business Kit is $149 and includes several types of chocolate, business forms, an apron--the basics to get started. The Master Chocolatier Kit is $499. This contains everything included in the Standard Kit, but includes more chocolate, and equipment such as: a tempering unit, a fondue set, a mold, a scraper and more.

Compensation as a Chocolatier

As a direct sales company, the pay structure is strictly commission. Pay ranges from 25% - 40% of sales, depending on the items sold. Bringing others into the company and under your management increases your income as you make commissions on their sales also. There is a one-time bonus for new managers. Like most direct sales companies, what you earn is up to you. While some Chocolatiers are looking to supplement their existing incomes and use this as a part-time position, others have chosen Dove Chocolate at Home as their full-time career.

Thriving as a Chocolatier

There are several ways to earn more money with Dove. Chocolate, as a consumable and much in demand treat, is a repeat sale. A little creative marketing (think bridal and baby showers, fundraisers or house warming parties), and a Chocolatier could dramatically increase their sales. Commissions are also paid on down the line sales, so recruiting a sales team will also increase your income.

Is It for You?

Direct sales positions can be fun and profitable for the right person. Being comfortable with meeting and talking to lots of people, having a flexible schedule, and being creative with marketing strategies are all skills needed for this position. A willingness to schedule parties on evenings and weekends is also a must. Good candidate have to be self-motivated and be able to generate their own leads and sales. A commission only pay structure can be intimidating for some, but an incentive for others. The ability to schedule parties and events around an existing routine is a big positive for direct sales. To be a Chocolatier with Dove at Home, loving chocolate is perhaps the biggest requirement.

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