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Does Working at Home Mean You're More Productive Than Office Workers?

Working at home eliminates many of the common workplace distractions Americans face daily, such as water cooler socializing and commuting.
A stopwatch sits on a computer keyboard next to a paper and pencil.

Productivity is a great working industry buzzword. Every company wants to increase it. Every boss wants to enforce it. Every employee wants to look like they have it. Being productive helps growth, keeps people interested, supports the generation of new ideas and gets the project wrapped up with speed and efficiency. But what if no one is looking?

Being a WAHM means that you are often called upon to be all things to all people. You're all things to your kids. You're all things to your boss. Who wins that tug of war?

Your Kids vs. Your Boss

Every job carries a set of expectations from deadlines to quality to quantity and being a WAHM is no different. Your boss can fire you, but your kids can't (It's frowned upon legally). Your kids will love you unconditionally, but your boss won't if you royally mess something up. There are distractions galore when working from home, so what's a mom to do?

Your Home vs. The Office

In the workplace where people faithfully get up each morning, drive to the proverbial office and settle in for 8-9 hours work plus two 15 minute breaks and a half hour lunch break (if they're lucky), productivity is on a downward spiral. Some of the reasons why productivity is waning include health issues, childcare problems, stress, excessive commuting, Internet browsing, social media usage and coffee breaks – to name a few.

Not that working from home is an idyllic situation every single minute of every single day, but cut out the need to commute alone from that list and you're already spending your time more productively. The numbers calculating the drop of productivity every year seem to show that spending all day at an office may actually hamper productivity. Think about this: The average American employee who spends (statistically) an hour of time each day trolling Facebook, taking cigarette breaks, among other things.

Productivity is as much a commitment in the office as it is at home and the distractions are ever-present anywhere. However, the advantage a WAHM has is the ability to appreciate the much-coveted quiet time there is to get work done and during that time, work is accomplished. Whether you work around nap times or have grandma watch the kids for a few hours, WAHMs have daily motivation to get things done and done well. Productivity achieved.

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