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Divorce during Recession: How to Keep Costs Down

There are some things that must be done; even in a financial crisis. Getting a divorce during recession is one such thing. Many divorce situations cannot simply wait it out. The process must continue for the well being of you, your partner and your family. Since the process typically takes money from your savings, it makes even more sense during a recession to keep the divorce as cheap as possible.

Hold Clear Cut Plans

Before calling your attorney and your partner's attorney, be sure that both of you have already agreed on the details of your separation. It is best to avoid fighting over division of property and child rights with your representatives on your side. Their time will add up very quickly to create very large bills. Who is really on the losing side here? The couple is, of course.

Hire Skilled Lawyers

Get the best representative for the job. This is an important choice to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Hire an inexperienced lawyer and suffer unorganized, slow, and expensive procedure. To make sure you hire the best lawyer for the job, conduct some background information.

Ask for testimonials from past clients. If you have heard your neighbor had used an attorney's services during a divorce, ask about her experiences and if she would recommend the lawyer.
A good lawyer should know the tendencies of each judge and use this knowledge to the advancement of your case. An inexperienced lawyer does not know this because of not having created connections yet. Make sure that the lawyer is knowledgeable in the latest divorce laws.

Know all fees including hidden and implied ones. Before you hire your representative, make sure all fees are disclosed. This will prevent you from calling with pseudo-emergencies because you will understand what every conversation and opinion costs.

Pick a lawyer with whom you are comfortable working. This is a vital decision because even if the lawyer is the best representative in the land, your case will be affected if you do not get along. In such a situation, it is better to pick the second best if it means a smoother divorce.

Schedule Meeting Dates

Plan meeting dates ahead and follow them faithfully. One common pitfall for couples is that they do not attend the hearings which are disadvantageous on both sides. Set out meeting dates that both of you can follow in order to prevent prolonging the case.


This is an important time and money saver. Grudges aside, it is important for the both of you to constantly communicate (this can be through text messages or email if you do not want to talk). Reminding your soon-to-be ex-partner of your next hearing dates is not only beneficial for the other party but also for you. Lack of cooperation will prolong the case. A prolonged case equals more cash withdrawals.

Keeping your divorce short and uncomplicated during recession will help you spend less.

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