Discovery Toys: A WAHM's Guide


Discovery Toys is a company that sells educational books, toys and games. This company gives you the opportunity to work as an independent hostess. You get to fix your own hours of work and host parties in order to sell the company's range of educational toys. The products help parents teach their kids valuable lessons through play. The toys are manufactured for different age groups and they meet strict safety standards. Apart from earning compensation for hosting parties, you get to participate in the contests, some of which include trips to international destinations.

Starting Out

To start working for Discovery Toys, you should visit the website and click on "Business Opportunity." Then, click on "Get Started Now" and follow the instructions that are displayed on your screen. You will have to find an educational consultant located near you and team up with that educational consultant to host a party. Once you get in touch with an educational consultant in your area, you will receive all the necessary training and guidelines you will require to work independently.


The more products you sell, the better are the rewards you earn. For instance, if you host a party and sell products worth $950 to $999.99, you earn free products worth $180. If a guest at your party also decides to host her own party, you get four half price toys in addition to your free products worth $180. Since there are different rewards earned based on total sales, you should visit the website and click on "US Hostess Program" to find out what you can earn by working as an independent hostess.


After you decide to work as a hostess and contact the company, a team of educational consultants will help you better understand your role and help you host parties to increase your rewards and earnings. Since the company has been manufacturing and selling educational toys for 30 years, you will get all the training you need to succeed in this business.

Is It for You?

If you like to interact with other people, fix your own schedule and earn significant rewards, you should consider working for Discovery Toys. You get to work with parents and teach them how to educate their children by using educational books, games and toys. All you need to do is host a party in your home and invite a few friends, relatives and neighbors to start earning your rewards.

Noteworthy Information

Discovery Toys have been manufacturing unique products that help parents teach their children different things through the use of toys. These toys are of the highest quality and have been manufactured according to certain safety guidelines. The company's mission is to teach, play and inspire others through educational toys. The toys are manufactured and designed in such a way that each toy offers different layers of learning.

You should also visit the website to look through the online product catalog or learn a few tips on parenting.

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