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Desktop Publishing Basics for the New Entrepreneur


Desktop publishing implies using a computer and page layout software for creating publication documents, either for large scale or small scale publishing. Desktop publishing software helps to create various kinds of documents like newsletters, books, brochures, print ads and nearly all other types of publications.

Getting Started with Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing software is very different from graphics or word processing software. You can do many different things, from formatting a simple document to complex arrangements of graphics and text. It enables you to create different kinds of print ads that will help you promote your business. Mentioned below are different ways to use desktop publishing for promoting your business.


You can design and print posters on all laser and inkjet printers with poster backing material or special label paper by using desktop publishing software. You can use images and text in attractive layouts for your posters. Posters are very effective in advertising and marketing campaigns.

Business Cards

Desktop publishing can help you promote your small or home business through custom made business cards. You can include your name, address, company's name and additional information like job title, logo, business description, tagline and graphics on your business card.


No matter how big or small your company is, it is very important to have a good letterhead. This shows clients, customers, competitors and even partners that you are professional in your work. With desktop publishing software, you can design your company's letterhead according to your preference and taste. You can choose from various options like background color, images, etc. to make it specific for your small business.

Invitation Cards

Desktop publishing can help you print invitation cards if you want to invite clients or partners to a party. It allows you to design your own company invites and cards based on your design ideas. You can also print greeting cards for customers. A well designed invitation or greeting card can help you make the right impression on potential clients and customers.


Custom made calendars are one of the most popular promotional items. You can design and publish custom made calendars to promote your small business. If you have a business plan set out for a year or a few months, including it on your promotional calendar is a great idea. This way, your clients or customers will know what to expect from your business with each coming month.

Other Advertising Pieces

Apart from these, desktop publishing can also be used for designing other marketing and advertising pieces like flyers, newsletters, logos, magazines, envelopes, annual reports, books and a number of other advertising collaterals. Extensive knowledge of desktop publishing can also help you design a website for better promotion of your small business.

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