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Creating More Space in Your Home Office


Organizing and creating space in a home office can be challenging, especially if you are unable to devote an entire room to the office. A few simple steps could help transform your office into a comfortable place.


Feng shui states that the best position for your desk is to have it facing the office door. If this is not possible, decorate the wall you are working at with vibrant colors that you find soothing, and any art or photographs that lift your spirits.

If your desk is cluttered (preventing it from being a useful workplace), distinguish between what needs stay on the desk and what can be removed.

Storage Space

If your desk is still piled high with necessary items, consider investing in office furniture that will allow extra storage space. Books and paperwork can be stored on a bookshelf or in file cabinets, and office equipment such as scanners and printer can be stored on a stand. Also, consider installing a keyboard stand under your desk to allow for more space (if you don't have a laptop).

If there is no floor space available, utilize your walls by building shelving units that can act as storage space. Maximizing any amount of space will help you stay uncluttered in the future.

Trash Bin and Shredder

Keep a trash bin underneath or near your desk. When you are presented with a document, read through it, answer it (or any other necessary work with it), and then discard it or file it. Do not handle it more than once unless it is necessary to do so. If the documents contain confidential information, invest in a shredder and shred documents immediately.

Open mail on the day it is delivered, and handle it immediately. If it is junk mail, discard it. Pay your bills, and discard those papers as well. Read all personal mail, and determine what needs to be done. If a reply is required, reply immediately and then wither discard or file the document. Only handle documents once, then file them or discard them appropriately. This will help prevent document buildup, and keep your desk space more efficient.


Keep a small notebook on your desk in which to write to do lists, informational notes or phone messages. Avoid writing notes on post-its, as they can pile up and create a cluttered look. This is also useful in that you will always know where to find your notes.

If you use post-its, discard them as soon as they become no longer useful.

Invest in address software, or purchase an address book for any phone numbers and important addresses not stored in your phone. This will enable you to discard any papers with addresses that may be lying around.

Desktop Organizers

Invest in desk organizers to store any paper clips, rubber bands, pens or other small tools that you use for work. Not only will it keep your desk tidy, you will always know on hand where they are stored.

In and out trays are useful as long as you maintain the process of dealing with the "out" paperwork immediately.

Keep up with your work and maintain the cleanliness of your desk. If you slow down, your desk could easily become cluttered again. Clear your desk at the end of every shift.

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