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Country Gourmet Home: A WAHM Business Guide


A complete business guide to Country Gourmet Home is provided below. County Gourmet Home provides a quality range of gourmet products--full line baking mixes, soup mixes and meal time mixes. The time-saving products are manufactured using the best ingredients and fresh produce. The company's seasonal products such as the cherry butter and gourmet dip mixes are also becoming popular among loyal customers. Aside from providing the best gourmet mixes, Country Gourmet Home also provides work at home opportunities to consultants.

Starting Out

To start out as a Country Gourmet Home consultant, you can sign up for their gourmet kits: the Mini Country Gourmet Kit at $29.95 and the Classic Gourmet Kit at $59.

The Mini Country Gourmet Kit comes in five varieties: Classic, Family Fun, Comfort Cooking, Entertain and the Welcome Home Kits. Each variety contains different products. For example, the Welcome Home Kit includes two gourmet seasonings of creamy dill and creamy cajun, one honey corn bread Mix, two jams and jellies, one soup mix and one mama's chocolate chippers cookie mix. Each kit comes with a consultant info booklet and 10 catalogs.

The Classic Gourmet Kit includes six gourmet seasoning blends, two scrumptious soda breads, fiesta rice dinner, mama's meatloaf mix, creamy potato soup mix, cake and cobbler, ragin' cajun jambalaya dinner, mama's all around cookie mixes and fruit butter. Each kit comes with a consultant binder and 20 colored catalogs.


All Country Gourmet Home consultants earn 20 to 45 percent commissions and hostesses are usually paid and rewarded with products on orders that are over $100. The current bonus plan covers 15 percent off on all orders for six months for a minimum order worth $100.

The exact figures of the commissions and discounts are 25 percent on orders below $100, 35 percent on orders between $100 to $200, 40 percent for orders in between $200 to $1000 and 45 percent on orders above $1,000. Consultants are also paid 5 percent of the orders from their down line. Since the company's compensation plan is not based on multi-level marketing principles, all your recruits are considered your down line. Commissions are paid quarterly and only active consultants are paid for their recruits' orders. An active consultant is somebody who has personal orders worth $100 every quarter. 


There are a lot of ways to earn your income as a Country Gourmet Home consultant, but the best way to sell the products effectively is to hold Country Gourmet cooking parties. As a consultant, you will cook the dishes using the products for the guests to sample. You can also sell the products at school fundraisers, home cooking shows and craft shows.

Is It for You?

If you love cooking and preparing food, you might want to try being a County Gourmet Home consultant.

Noteworthy Information

You have to be an active consultant to receive your bonuses every quarter. As mentioned earlier, you need to have personal orders amounting to $100 in 90 days to be an active consultant.

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