Cookie Lee: A WAHM's Guide


Cookie Lee Inc. is a means of earning income by selling jewelry. Since the jewelry is very affordable, you can expect to make a few decent sales per month. The motivation received from each customer will definitely help you to become successful in this business. Since jewelry will never go out of fashion and is considered an investment, you can always find buyers in this business.

Starting Out

You need to contact a consultant in your area to enroll yourself as a representative. Buy jewelry according to your own personal needs. The jewelry is sold by throwing parties or charity fund raisers. The jewelry is sold by a representative or consultant who carries the catalog; you can directly order all the pieces from her. The jewelry is shipped directly to the customer, therefore giving the representatives more time to concentrate on marketing rather than handling the sales.


You will get 50% off on the price, and the profit margin will be anywhere between 40 to 50%. You will have two basic packages to choose from. The first time you buy the package, you get a discount of 25 % and further purchases can be made at 50% off the retail cost (plus taxes and shipping).

The hostess of the party also gets benefits from the company, like special host discount items and free jewelry.


You will be provided with training materials and will receive assistance in building your own website to promote your products. Your consultant will also coach you on different strategies and marketing tips to help you build your confidence before you start selling the products to the public.

The incentives are quite generous; the more you sell as a representative, the more discounts and incentives you get. Even the number of items, where you can get 50% off, is dependent on your sales. The incentives include a Mercedes and a trip to the Caribbean, to name a few. If you get two of your audiences to sign up as hosts for your next show, you will receive a discount on the jewelry apart from other benefits.

Is It for You?

This is for you is you wish to make money working from home and still have time to take care of your family. If you have a strong passion for jewelry and socializing, you will do well at this job.

Noteworthy Information

Cookie Lee Inc. was first started by a single woman who used to sell jewelry to her friends. She later brought in friends and other members to sell the jewelry line for her, which led to becoming one of the fastest-growing jewelry chains marketed through direct sales.

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