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Content Writer Telecommute Jobs Examined


Writing can be accomplished at any location, enabling companies to create writer telecommute positions that save them money on overhead location costs and allow the writer to write from the place they feel most comfortable. A company may hire a freelance writer or a content writer based on the needs of the company. In some cases, where there is constant written work required, a company will hire a writer as their own employee, but many companies outsource their work to independent agencies designed to work for several companies.

Freelance Writing

In some cases, a writer will be given a broad subject and told to write about the subject. The writer is allowed to use his or her own instincts and write in any area of that subject, sometimes even interjecting their views or preferences into the writing. As in column writing, these writers are free to express themselves in any way they see fit as long as the content is somehow connected to the subject.

"Blog" writing falls under freelance writing in that the author chooses his or her subject. Companies rely more and more on blog writing, as its informal tone is useful for steering people not as interested in facts or sales pitches. Often companies will pay a blog writer to write in favor of a company product or skill. Blog writers also have the opportunity to host ads on their blogs in order to make a little extra money. 

Content Writing

Content writers write about specific topics given to them by the client. When receiving an assignment, a content writer will research the topic and then write in either second or third person and never use any of their own personal thoughts or preferences. The content may be used in a publication of the client, a text source or on a website. Most content will either be educational and informative and some will be from a sales point of view.

Website Content Writing

Website content articles are written by writers for a specific website. As with content writing, the content is specifically requested by the company and is written without any personal preferences or views of the writer. Most articles written for websites focus on selling services or product of the company in question, though some are informational and educational. Companies see the high amount of business transaction, find ways to sell their product and hire writers to turn words into online revenue by clearly pointing out benefits of the product and using relevant and commonly searched keywords.

Content Editing

After a writer finished an article, they might submit to an editor who will go over the content and make sure it is what the client requested. After reading the work thoroughly, the editor might request a re-write of the article's content or make minor changes before giving the finished product to the client.

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