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Competing for Freelance Web Design Work


Getting freelance web design work can be done at home with online clients, making it possible to work from home and make money with your design skills. Because there are many web designers from all over the world competing for the available web design jobs, it's vital to differentiate yourself from the other designers. Doing this requires more than simply offering a good price for the job. 

Web Design Resume

To get freelance web design work, you have to see that you have skills that will benefit them. Those skills can be described through a web design resume. On the resume, briefly describe the software that you use and the programming skills that you have. Many customers already have an idea about what they want, such as Flash pages or specific webpage software. If they can see those items on your resume, you will likely stay in the running for the freelance work that's at stake.

Offer Web Design Samples

Though a resume can tell a potential customer what they need to know about your web design skills, most web designers offer one or more samples of their actual designs. These include sites that you have designed in the past. If you are just getting started as a freelance web designer, you may not have any actual sites that were designed for clients. However, that doesn't mean that you can't offer samples of your designs. If you've never had a paying client, create a website that shows off several of your design skills. Create a few pages that have varied design elements in order to show the skills that you described in your resume.

Highlight Any Prestigious Skills or Experience

It is important to set yourself apart whenever possible. If you have any high-level skills or prestigious experience in web design, make sure to make that information prominent on your resume and in your communications with the potential customer. 

Price Yourself with the Competition

Everyone who has web design skill has a valuable service to provide. However, it is possible to price yourself out of the running for freelance web design work. To get a better idea of what to charge for your services, take a look at other web designers who have comparable skills and experience. Take a look at their sample pages and judge for yourself whether your skills are more or less impressive than theirs.

Though not all web designers will have the same fee structure, getting a good look at the full gamut of prices will give you a better idea of where your prices fit in. If you are close to the top of the price range, you will not be considered by many of the clients who are looking for a web designer. To stay competitive, make sure that your price is in the mid-range of the prices available. This will ensure that a wide range of clients will consider your services instead of counting you out purely because of the price.

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