Coastal Vacations: A WAHM's Guide


Coastal Vacations is a home-based business opportunity that's suitable for work-at-home moms. This involves the wholesale travel club industry. In this job, one needs to sell travel packages in bulk to corporate or individuals via the phone or the Internet. Coastal Vacations has been in operation for years. Its home-based marketing began 10 years after the start of Coastal Vacations.

The travel industry is one of the few industries that, even during a recession, are showing a steady increase, so the business opportunities in this industry are abundant.

Starting Out

Coastal Vacations sells vacation packages at discounted prices. Travel packages around the world are available through Coastal Vacations; these vacation packages come under three levels. Level 1 is a basic discount travel package, Level 2 is a premium combo and Level 3 is the platinum combo.

One has to register to any of the above levels by paying a fee. Once you register, Coastal Vacations will help train you to sell the packages. This will aid and prepare you to start selling your level packages to your customers. After you sell only two training packages, you will become a director for life. At this point, as a director, Coastal Vacations will give you a commission for each sale; your account will be credited immediately. The more the packages you sell, the more money you obtain. 


To purchase Leve l1 Travel Package is $1,295, Level 2 is $3,500, Premier Combo is $4,020 and Level 3 is $7,525 (and can be paid via PayPal). Your start-up price is quite costly; however, in no time at all, you will make this money back and then some. Coastal Vacations is an extremely profitable home-based business with commissions from $1,000 to $9,705 per sale, and there is unlimited revenue potential.


Coastal Vacations has a terrific support system in place and will help all registrants by providing training and informative information on how to best sell these packages. This is done by using various tools like the website, the toll free number and training material. The training material will teach you how to talk to people regarding this business opportunity. Your training material will also help you conduct seminars, live weekly training calls and more.

Is It for You?

Coastal Vacations is one of the most popular work-at-home options available. If selling products from home is something that interests you, then this at home business opportunity could be for you.

With Coastal Vacations, you will appreciate that the majority of the work is done by others rather than you. Take advantage of the call center option so that all your leads are taken care of by them. Since Coastal Vacations comes up with the marketing plan, first timers can relax and simply follow the strategy. This makes Coastal Vacation a very ideal option for moms who cannot spend lot of time on the computer and want to work at her own pace.

Noteworthy Information

For over 10 years, Coastal has presented organization reimbursement and provided accommodating services that is like no other company in the industry while combining the best product value and a tremendously profitable opportunity to reap huge financial rewards.

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