CLC Inc: A WAHM's Guide

Customer Loyalty Concepts, Inc., or CLC, is a virtual telemarketing company that employs people who work from their very own homes, providing a more personal customer engagement through pleasant and informative inbound or outbound calls. For 15 years, CLC has learned and mastered to "optimize the human touch point" by addressing the customer's needs and making them realize that their ideas do matter. Top business establishments aiming to retain valued clients and acquire prospective customers have partnered with CLC

Starting as a CLC Inc. Telemarketer

Take time to browse through their official website. It would be best to get a clear picture of what CLC is and how it is to work for CLC, so that from the very start, you will be able to level-off your expectations. You should reside in any of the 26 states that they only hire in as of the moment. The complete list of the 26 states is enumerated on their website.

Since CLC is a virtual call center, your future home-office needs to be equipped with all the technical requirements to perform the job. These hardware and software qualifications have to be met so that CLC will consider your application. If you meet all requirements, you can now fill out CLC's Employment Application form provided on their website. Follow through all the steps, email your application and make sure to send it through the same computer that you will be using if you get accepted for the job.

Compensation as a CLC Inc. Telemarketer

CLC compensates its agents through an hourly basis. Pay starts at $8 per hour, and you must be able to render a minimum of 2.4 hours daily, or an average of 12-13 hours per week. If you don't have a full-time job yet, then you can devote your 8 hours or even more in working for CLC. They make payments every other week.

Thriving as a CLC Inc. Telamarketer

To get to a higher level and make the most of this career, your error ratings should not go above 9% and average calls for standard campaigns should be at 20 calls or up per hour. Always uphold discipline and professionalism because, along with your hard work, the right kind of attitude will surely bring you to success.

Is It for You?

If you take pleasure in having conversations with different people, have deep professional work ethics, and prefer to work at the very comfort of your home, then a career with CLC would be a perfect opportunity. You should be able to manage your time properly as you will be required to work from Monday to Friday. Other personal requirements/qualifications are a security or work permit number and a high school degree.


Now that everything has been complied, the only thing left to do is to cross your fingers and wait. Because CLC receives a tremendous amount of applications, it may take a while for them to contact you. Once you're application is accepted, you will surely be on your way to a successful work-at-home career with CLC, Inc.

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